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Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures

I finally got around to getting professional pictures done of the two babies together.  There was a special deal being run in our area and I jumped on it and promptly proceeded to spend way more than I wanted to anyway.  Oh well.  Here are the results from that session. 

I know I am biased but my gosh these children are beautiful!  :-)

FINALLY Bought a Carrier...

Well after changing my mind 853,429 times, I finally bought a carrier.  We've already been on several outings since Trevor's birth where I wished I had a comfortable carrier to use.  I tried using the used Bjorn I got when Reagan was born and hated it just as much this time as I did back then.  Then I tried my Mei Tei carrier and remembered why it too got packed away.  I had already given away my slings since I hated them THAT much right from the first attempt to use them over two years ago (mostly for the same reason that most slings are not recommended for use - it always looked like Reagan was smushed in them and having trouble trying to breathe - too scary for me!)

Anyway, back in this post I thought for sure I had found my dream carrier and that my mind was made up.  Well up until I actually buy something that I consider a large purchase, I research it to death.  So, during one of those many mind changes, I had decided that here in hot Florida, I wanted an Ergo…