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Wordless Wednesday - Happy 4th of July!

Raspberries!!!  This was last year.  Man they grow fast!

Yes, I am Completely Slacking

My modem/router at home broke and I'm not really supposed to be posting from work so that is why I've been a little MIA.  But, I wanted to get a quick post in today.

Yesterday was CD1 - Hoooray!  LOL  I know, I know.  That is only exciting to other infertiles and women waiting to begin TTC.  I was happy because Saturday was CD61 so that was a huge improvement from the last time.  I am sticking with the Soy to see if it will help regulate.  Trying 240mg on CD 1-5 to see how that goes. 

And while I was mostly miserable yesterday, I did take some time to enjoy watching my little skinny dipper have fun time in her little pool.  She makes me smile with just the simplest things.  :-)

Silly baby!
Splash-a, splash-a!

Pssssst! Another Cool Giveaway

Hey - anybody who hasn't already needs to head over to LeeAnn's Blog and check out her really cool giveaway.  So many adorable items!!!  It's part of her Weekend Review.  :-)

Five Question Friday

Today it's time for

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1. What is your favorite thing about summertime?
Well, living in Florida it is pretty much summer all year so this at first didn't seem easy to answer.  But then I remembered that at the end of July, Reagan and I are going to Ocean City, MD for our second annual extended family trip.  Growing up in MD meant many trips to Ocean City and I have such fond memories of those.  Before last year, it had been over 15 years since my last fun trip to OC.  It was neat because not too much had changed and while driving around I was flooded with fond old memories of fun times there that I didn't realize were still in my brain.  Anyway, last summer was Reagan's first summer so I thought that was the perfect time to start going back to OC every year so she could experience it too.  It is a fun filled week with Grandmom, aunts and uncles and cousins galore and I can't wait for this year's trip.

2. What is your ideal retirement lo…

Wordless Wednesday

At least I can post today. I need to get back to posting!

I think I was more excited than her.  Peter Pan!!!  My Hero!!!

Papa Moco Jumbie

So anyone with small children knows that they cause adult exposure to some cool and some not so cool kid songs.  On Nick Jr - they do a segment in between shows called Move to the Music.  My absolute favorite is the Papa Moco Jumbie song.  I frequently walk around singing this song in my head!  LOL

Papa Moco Jumbie Video

It’s carnival time, in my town today

So papa and I get our costumes ready
Oh I cannot wait for everybody to see
When papa stands on his stilts he becomes a Moco Jumbie
My papa’s a Moco Jumbie, stands tall as the eyes can see
I wish I was tall as daddy, he dances to bring harmony
(Come on son dance with me)

I know I may be small, but I wish I was tall
So for the carnival day, I could Moco Jumbie my way
My papa’s a Moco Jumbie, stands tall as the eyes can see
I wish I was tall as daddy, he dances to bring harmony
I know I may be small, but I wish I was tall
So for the carnival day, I could Moco Jumbie my way
My papa’s a Moco Jumbie, stand tall as the eyes ca…

Wordless Wednesday

February 2010

LeeAnn's First Giveaway!

Hey everyone! Go check out my awesome friend LeeAnn's first blog giveaway - My First Giveaway!. This is so cool!

Apology and THE BUG!

I apologize for slacking on my postings!  I was away for a week and haven't had a moment to catch my breath and post.  Phew!  It was an AWESOME trip and I will have pics and details to post soon.  Until then, here is my welcome home to Florida story:

The Bug!
So, bugs in general are nothing more than an annoyance for me – I don’t scream and freak out and run flailing my arms. But BIG bugs and gross bugs give me major heebie jeebies. And flying big gross bugs turn me into a paralyzed screeching 5 year old girl. Yesterday morning when I was getting ready to leave for work I opened the front door and in flew this giant flying cockroach. It had to be bigger than a pterodactyl – I’m sure of it. It looked me straight in the eyes and told me it was coming for me. I almost died I think from heart failure. So we ended up eyeing each other with me whimpering and scared to move and he landed on the wall near the door and started walking up it and OMGOMGOMG I couldn’t think of a safe way out …