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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Still Here

we are still here. busy as ever. trevor is now walking and he started at fourteen months old just like his big sister.  reagan starts her second season of soccer in a couple weeks and she is very excited. i just cannot get over how quickly my babies are growing up.  

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

What a day full of emotion in our household.  There is absolute joy and wonderment at being the mommy of my two beautiful babies.  Babies that I worried for many years I wouldn't get the chance to mother.  I have no words to describe how wonderful motherhood feels and how deep my love flows for my daughter and my son.  They are my entire world.

There is also wistfulness as I spend the day 800 miles away from my own mother.  We see each other several times a year and talk on the phone often but there is nothing like having your mom accessible in person daily.  Happy Mother's Day Mom!  I love you very, very, very much!

We also have a weave of deep sadness in our home on this and other important holidays.  My mother-in-law passed away a few weeks after Reagan was born.  It was very sudden and unexpected and the unfairness of the timing cuts deep.  She barely got to be MaMere (an informal French nickname for Grandma) before she was taken from us.  We miss her very much.
This is the balloon bouquet that we will release today in her memory.  Tied to the balloons will be Happy Mother's Day wishes to rise up to heaven for her.

Finally there is much gratitude and love to the woman who gave my children life and gave me the opportunity to be their mommy.  Without her I wouldn't have the blessings I have today and I hope today is a good one for her.  Our children will always know her love and for that I am especially thankful.  Happy Mother's Day Stacey!

As I celebrate my happiness and joy at being mommy, my heart never forgets not only their birthmom but also the thousands of women TTC, experiencing loss, waiting for a match, with babies born into heaven, with children estranged or missing, or otherwise in a place where this days brings more pain than joy.  Many prayers for peace, comfort and happiness.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Soccer Mom

So last night I officially became a soccer mom!  Ever since the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, when Reagan was about 18 months old, she has been interested in soccer.  She had been playing on the floor with her toys one day when I clicked over to a match.  She stopped what she was doing and began to watch intently.  I was amazed that she was watching the ball movements during a wide shot of the field and I have to say I was also very impressed.  After a few moments of watching, she stood up and went to find one of her big rubber balls.  She brought it back in front of the TV and began to kick it around.  It was a proud moment and I quickly texted my nieces and nephews (who also love soccer!) to tell them all about it.  We always end up at a soccer game or two of theirs during our couple times a year trips up north to visit and Reagan ALWAYS asks to play soccer too every time we watch a game. 

The YMCA by us offers Pre-K soccer beginning at age 3 and since Reagan turned 3 in December she was able to sign up for the first time to play!  The day we went for sign-ups she was very disappointed to learn that she wouldn't actually get to play that day and the poor thing had to wait an eternity (6 weeks!) for the first soccer event of the season.  Well last night was a soccer clinic in preparation for practices that will start next week.  She was SO excited to go and when we went to leave the house she let out a very loud and proud, "Let's DO this!" - complete with a wide half crouch and her little arms pumped up and out.  It was ADORABLE!  She was all smiles in the car on the way there.
Once we got there she was slightly intimidated by alllll of the kids and coaches and noises but she went and got a ball and followed the other Pre-K kids to the practice square and listened semi-intently to the coaches as they explained different games they would play to help develop some skills.  I was very proud of her because this is the first real structured activity she has ever had since she isn't in daycare.  I honestly wasn't sure how she was going to act or react but she did great.  One of the games they played was to dribble the ball and when the coaches yelled "freeze" the kids had to stop and put their foot on top of the ball.  She thought this was pretty neat.
After about 45 minutes of different games and fun skills, soccer clinic was over.  She played the whole time and while not always doing exactly what the activity of the moment was, she did always play with her ball and practice her dribbling.  As a reward for doing such a great job and listening so well, I let her play on the playground for a bit after and even allowed her to play in the water at the splash pad.  Here she is mad because they turned the water off for the night.

Official practices start next week and games start in April.  I am not one to be in a hurry for my babies to grow up but since they insist on it, I am so glad to finally be an official soccer mom!  (Now all I need is a minivan - yes, I admit it - I do actually want one!  Oh the sliding doors would be heaven!)  So move over Mia Hamm - here comes my Reagan!

Friday, March 9, 2012


It has been a while since I participated in 5 Question Friday but wanted to join in on the fun today!  You can head on over to My Little Life if you want to play along too!

1. Are you looking forward to the time change this weekend?
Absolutely 100% positively NOT!  I have always hated Spring Forward.  I swear it makes me tired clear through until Fall Back!  I really wish they would do away with it and just leave it one way or the other.

2. Are you getting the new iPad/would you want a iPad?
I actually would rather get a Tablet.  I am not an iFan as I find there are certain things I can't do on iDevices that I can do on other devices and that makes me feel a little like I am part of a hostage situation.

3. If money was not a problem, what is the one thing you would splurge on?
Travel.  There are so many places I want to show my children.  I'd love to be able to one day say, oh you learned about Asia this semester in school?  How about we go there for a tour during the next school break.  I also love tucked away hidden jewels of places that aren't necessarily on the beaten path and have the time and money to go find them.

4. How did you and the Mr. (or Mrs.) meet?
Through friends of friends of friends I suppose.  Technically it went like this - my BFF's ex-boyfriend's sister's husband's BFF's uncle's stepson.  Got that?!

5. Summer is right around the corner. Bikini or one-piece?
Tank-ini.  For sure. 

100 Posts!

How cool that my 100th post is my son's birth story!  I think that is pretty neat!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Where Has the Time Gone?! Birth Story - Finally!

Well Trevor is 9 months and 1 week old today and it occurred to me that I hadn't yet posted his birth story!  I guess now is as good a time as any.  I do think though that part of me may have avoided this just a little in the early days because, well, it wasn't exactly what I had pictured it would be and that made me a little sad.  No matter though.  He arrived, he was/is gorgeous and is a healthy little man. 

As postings leading up to his birth (and Reagan's too) show, their birth mother does home births and has a history of interrupted labors.  Basically what that means is the first stage of labor begins and then stops at some point before the second stage.  In a hospital setting, if the mother is in full-term range, Pitocin is frequently used to continue labor.  In a home setting, no interventions are normally done.  The body is allowed to decide on its own when and if labor will progress.  So, several times before his actual birth, labor began and then stopped.

The day of his birth (May 25, 2011) started with the mid-wife's assistant going to the birth mother's house to check on things and see how she and Trevor were doing.  She was going to do a membrane sweep to help things get moving but his head was a little high and she wasn't able to.  Her parting words were - I don't think he's coming in the next few days.  At this point the birth mother was 40 weeks and 2 days so there was still time for him to remain safely inside.  Later that evening the birth mother called and said she had started minor contractions again and wanted to let me know.  We all decided to wait and see if things progressed but I really didn't think they would.  The midwife told her to call if the contractions got stronger and she was no longer able to talk through them.

About an hour or so later the birth parents called again and said contractions were still present but the birth mother and I were talking and laughing together on the phone so we still weren't thinking he was coming anytime soon.  I told them to call me if anything changed or if the midwife decided we should all head over.  I then went back to working on some stuff for work that I wanted to complete before I took some time off for his birth.  Just as I was finishing up the work, around 11:30 that night, the birth father called and said that the birth mother was extremely uncomfortable now and that I should  probably come over.  He said he was also calling the midwife to come as well. 

I put my work away, went to gather the baby bag and car seat and then went to the bathroom before I left.  As I was in the bathroom, the phone rang again and the birth father said, "Her water just broke!"  To which I immediately replied, "OH SHIT!"  I lived only a few minutes from their house but I just knew I wouldn't get there in time.  Her births are super fast once her water breaks.  I swear those babies surf out!  I flew out of the house and did about mach 4 on the roads there praying I wouldn't miss it and praying I wouldn't get pulled over on my way.  Would have been hard to convince a police officer that I was having a baby any second!

I pulled in their driveway a few moments after the midwife herself did and my car clock said 11:59pm.  I grabbed the baby bag and sprinted through the door.  As I entered the birth father called out, "Dawn?"  I said, "Yes, it's me.  Is he here?" As I walked to their bedroom he answered, "Yes, he arrived at 11:55. You just missed it."  I was heart broken that I had missed it and really beat myself up for weeks afterward about not having gone over sooner just in case.  But as soon as I entered the room and saw him, I was filled with nothing but love at the first sight of him.
As it turned out, none of us made it in time!  The midwife and her assistant got there just after he had made his grand entrance into the world.  She had just cut the cord before I walked in.  She couldn't wait for me because apparently at some point during the pregnancy he had flipped and turned enough to knot his cord.  We all were fearfully amazed by this and said some extra special prayers of thanks that his knotted cord did not cause him any dire issues.
The picture is a little blurry but that right there is a complete perfect knot.  The could-have-beens are so scary!  Thank God it wasn't too tight to allow him nourishment.

We unbundled him so that he could be thoroughly checked over.  He didn't appreciate that.

He scored a 10 on his Apgar!  And all the rest of his stats were great too although there was one potential concern noted that we checked out over the next couple of weeks.  More on that in another post.

Then it was time for measurements.  I just love the way this midwife weighs the newborns.  7lbs 10oz - big boy for this tiny birth mother!

His length was 20 inches long.  Just 1/2 an inch taller than Reagan was at birth.
After everything was recorded it was time to get him dressed and spend some time snuggling while we waited for him to be released.
Then, at 3 1/2 hours old, he was officially released by the midwife and we packed up to head home.  After a stop off at Aunt Dawn's house (she lives down the street and arrived at the birth parent's house shortly after I did), I came home to a silent house because in my mad rush to get out the door I had neglected to tell my husband (or my brother who was staying with us at the time) that Trevor was about to be born!  Ooops! My husband wouldn't have been there for the birth anyway out of respect for the birth mother's lady parts privacy.

I took the few hours before the house woke up to stare at my precious son and whisper sweet nothings to him and marvel that he was finally here.  When my husband stirred towards morning I walked in to the room with Trevor and boy was that a moment of confusion for him!  He had to blink a few times before he realized that I was, in fact, standing in front of him with our son.

Once Reagan woke up I took him into her room for the introduction.  She was quite underwhelmed and matter of fact about it and promptly asked for breakfast!  It took her a little bit to wake up and get excited about him.  Their first picture together shows her level of interest.  LOL
It didn't take her too terribly long though for her to start asking about him and getting interested and telling me that he was 'so tute' (cute).
She has been a great big sister ever since and we are so thankful that our family is now blissfully complete!  So while I was sad for a while that I missed his actual entrance into the world, I am very thankful that I was there quickly after and got to bring home my wonderful, perfect, gorgeous son!  We love you so much Trevor!

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