Soccer Mom

So last night I officially became a soccer mom!  Ever since the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, when Reagan was about 18 months old, she has been interested in soccer.  She had been playing on the floor with her toys one day when I clicked over to a match.  She stopped what she was doing and began to watch intently.  I was amazed that she was watching the ball movements during a wide shot of the field and I have to say I was also very impressed.  After a few moments of watching, she stood up and went to find one of her big rubber balls.  She brought it back in front of the TV and began to kick it around.  It was a proud moment and I quickly texted my nieces and nephews (who also love soccer!) to tell them all about it.  We always end up at a soccer game or two of theirs during our couple times a year trips up north to visit and Reagan ALWAYS asks to play soccer too every time we watch a game. 

The YMCA by us offers Pre-K soccer beginning at age 3 and since Reagan turned 3 in December she was able to sign up for the first time to play!  The day we went for sign-ups she was very disappointed to learn that she wouldn't actually get to play that day and the poor thing had to wait an eternity (6 weeks!) for the first soccer event of the season.  Well last night was a soccer clinic in preparation for practices that will start next week.  She was SO excited to go and when we went to leave the house she let out a very loud and proud, "Let's DO this!" - complete with a wide half crouch and her little arms pumped up and out.  It was ADORABLE!  She was all smiles in the car on the way there.
Once we got there she was slightly intimidated by alllll of the kids and coaches and noises but she went and got a ball and followed the other Pre-K kids to the practice square and listened semi-intently to the coaches as they explained different games they would play to help develop some skills.  I was very proud of her because this is the first real structured activity she has ever had since she isn't in daycare.  I honestly wasn't sure how she was going to act or react but she did great.  One of the games they played was to dribble the ball and when the coaches yelled "freeze" the kids had to stop and put their foot on top of the ball.  She thought this was pretty neat.
After about 45 minutes of different games and fun skills, soccer clinic was over.  She played the whole time and while not always doing exactly what the activity of the moment was, she did always play with her ball and practice her dribbling.  As a reward for doing such a great job and listening so well, I let her play on the playground for a bit after and even allowed her to play in the water at the splash pad.  Here she is mad because they turned the water off for the night.

Official practices start next week and games start in April.  I am not one to be in a hurry for my babies to grow up but since they insist on it, I am so glad to finally be an official soccer mom!  (Now all I need is a minivan - yes, I admit it - I do actually want one!  Oh the sliding doors would be heaven!)  So move over Mia Hamm - here comes my Reagan!


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