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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Psssssst.....Wanna hear a secret?

So I have a secret.  A secret I've had since November.  It's a pretty awesome secret too.  A few people knew about the secret but not yet "the world".  Keeping secrets is fun and frustrating at the same time.  Thankfully something happened today and I don't have to keep the secret anymore.

I am sure that some people might have a few guesses by now.  Probably had a guess or two just from reading the post title.  Some may even be right but probably more are wrong than are right.  But the ones that are wrong are most likely close, very close.  This secret is so AWESOME and so perfect and I can't even believe how lucky we are.  I am sure that by now y'all are thinking out with it already!  So okay, out with it.  I just wanted a little extra build up to fill the post preview. :-)

Back in November we got a phone call from Reagan's birth parents.  They informed us they were expecting another baby due in May and that they want us to parent that child too!  Of course we said yes and after that phone call I immediately began to panic a little about how I only have two arms and two hands and one extremely active toddler and how on earth was that going to work with adding a second.  LOL  The panic didn't last long and the seasoned parents that I told early on laughed at the memory of their own panic over the same thing upon learning #2 was on the way.  From then on I've been so excited to add to our family and even more excited for Reagan and the new one that they would grow up together and that the fact that they are genetically related to each other will hopefully help them through those teen year identity crises moments that may crop up.

Well today, at 27w 1d we finally got to get the BIG ultrasound.  It was wonderful and amazing and the baby is perfect.  No anomalies were found, no evidence of neural tube defects, perfect looking spine, heart and other organs.  The tech even processed a 3D picture for us just for fun.  Look at this gorgeous face!
And of course the adorable profile in 2D.
And then, with a little cooperation from the baby, we were able to confirm what we suspected all along...
It's a BOY!!!!  This pic is the best one we could get because he was positioned at an awkward angle and when trying to get the "classic" view the cord overlapped and didn't make for a great shot.  It's definitely a boy though.  We are so incredibly grateful for this pending arrival and can't wait to meet him...well in 10 - 13 weeks anyway!  Now to trade off Reagan's outgrown pink stuff for some blue!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Five Question Friday!

Woo-hoo!  It's Friday!!  I have a few small home improvements projects on my agenda plus making time for some fun this weekend.  I hope everyone enjoys theirs!

Now on to 5QF with Mama M!

1. Have you worn the same outfit more than one day in a row?
Yup!  Happens quite a lot on the weekends (well, as long as the clothes don't get gross from the first day).  I tend to pick favorites and then I want to be in that outfit all the time.  LOL

2. If you had to choose any LARGE city to live in, which would it be?
In or near?  Does Orlando count?!  LOL  I suppose if it had to be IN a city larger than Orlando I would at a wikipedia list of the largest cities...Istanbul was Constantinople...) OH!  Got it!  Madrid!  Definately Madrid.  I love Spain!

3. Fly or drive with the kids on vacation?
Either/or is fine with me although my recent actual vacations involved both.  Reagan and I flew to Maryland and then drove with my mom to the beach. 

4. What is your idea of "spring cleaning"?
A big recycle bin to throw a year's worth of junk mail into and a big garbage can for the rest of the useless crap that accumulates. 

5. What is the best book you have ever read?
I've read a lot of books that I really loved but the original Peter Pan as written by J. M. Barrie is the one I love the most.  I actually own an original copy.  :-)

Have a great one everybody!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mother vs "Real Mother" vs Adoptive Mother

Lately I have seen many news stories that identify the mom as the adoptive mother when it has zero pertinence to the story itself.  That bugs me.  It wouldn't bother me as much if every other story always identifed parents by HOW they became parents yet it seems the reporters like to throw in the term adoptive as if that makes any difference whatsoever.  Occasionally that can provide added details to a story (as in, if speaking of the act of adoption) but usually it means nothing and most times it seems as if it is being used to discount the role of the mom or the bond between mother and child.  When will they get it that the mom is the mom.  Period.  HOW she became the mom doesn't really matter. 

The other irritating thing is when people ask a mom who became a mom via adoption about her child's "real" parents.  Hmmm.  Real parents?  As opposed to fake ones?  As opposed to make believe ones?  Plastic ones?  Cartoon ones?  Paper ones?  What other kind of parents are there?  I know most people don't mean to strike a nerve but it would be nice if more people were able to realize that you ARE speaking to child's real parent and you are completely undermining that relationship and most likely really hurting that person's feelings.  And try to pay attention to if the child is in earshot.  How do you think that makes the child feel to hear their mom have her role discounted, albeit unintentionally?  And depending on the level of understanding the child has of adoption in general, you just might trigger some major insecurities in that child. 

Plus, most adoptive moms live with that fear of how they are going to feel the first time their child uses adoption against them.  I've spoken of it here before when I was talking about feeling slightly rejected long before the teen years showed up and the 'I hate yous' started.  After that post, several people came to me in regards to the "real mom" part of that and I realized that I may not have gotten my point across exactly.  I AM Reagan's mom but I remember being a teenager and saying whatever awful thing I could think of when I was mad at my mom and I have no disillusions that Reagan won't go through that same stage herself and quite likely reach for the adoption card.  Today I saw this post on another blog and was so glad to see that very topic being discussed.  She does a great job of putting the situation into perspective and helping to ease that fear.

So, as with many other situations, try to think before you speak and if you aren't sure how to phrase something I'd much rather you tell me that and I can offer you some help.  I've used that method myself with others in different situations too and the appreciation is evident. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Updates and New News

Here are a few updates to catch me back up.

1. Reagan still has her paci for nap and night time (and during the occasional public meltdown). She went 3 nights without it and then began demanding it again. I probably could have forced the issue but we all know my soft spot for pacis and her dad is no help to be the strong one there either. So, maybe one day she’ll be paci free.

2. The diaper debacle. Well we seem to have found a combination that works. For nap and nighttime we put a Pull-Up on OVER her diaper (as opposed to instead of her diaper like we had tried) and make sure she is in a one-piece sleeper with the zipper pinned up. It’s a good thing that works because we were so tired of changing that crib!

3. I’ve learned not to ask Reagan open-ended ‘what do you want to eat’ questions because the answer that way is always “Chicken, fries!” Meaning of course, nuggets and French fries. Instead I give her a choice between 2 things or I just ask her if she wants the 1 thing. It was funny though, a few weeks ago my brother, “Unka Payyy” (Uncle Clay) and I took a window shopping trip to our local IKEA store. We had lunch first thing and I asked Reagan if she wanted chicken. Well Clay and I had been talking about how we couldn’t wait to get the Swedish Meatballs for days and she must have been paying attention because her answer was “No! Meatball!” It was hilarious. The best part though was she loved them too!

The New News

Reagan’s language skills are really taking off. She is still hard for some other people to understand but she says lots of small sentences these days. Something that I am impressed with is her ability to use the correct pronoun. If I ask her something using pronouns she does respond correctly most of the time. For instance, if I ask her “are you tired?” She will respond with “I tired”. In typical Reagan fashion, she skipped the pre-testing of pronouns where they get mixed up. It’s been her MO since infanthood. She never really practiced any milestones – she just did them and did them rather well one day out of the blue. She was always on the later part of the normal range but I wonder if that was from practicing in her head first until she was ready to put it to action. LOL One cute thing she does mess up is when we ask her what her name is. She’ll pat herself on her chest and say “My baby’s” instead of Reagan. Apparently we refer to her as My Baby more often than we refer to her as Reagan. She giggles too when she says it so I think she knows what she’s doing.

Then. Just yesterday she really impressed me. We were all out in the front yard and I was talking to her Daddy about how I’ve noticed that she has two common words for bugs. I said according to Reagan there are only two kinds of bugs in this world – anything that flies is a butterfly and anything that walks is a ladybug. She looks up at me from where she was playing and said, “Momma! Bees!” It was like, duh Mom, you forgot about bees. It was hysterical. I was just floored by the fact that she overheard our conversation, understood the context of the conversation and then corrected me where I was wrong. I think I need to start doubling her college savings!

Potty training – We are dipping our feet into potty training. I still think she is too immature for focused effort but one day a couple weeks ago she asked to sit on the big potty. I obliged and she quickly hopped down after a short time and nothing happened. I figured it was probably a good idea to get her a training potty to have available for any times that she might want to work on the training. The first night she was SO excited about her potty and wanted to run around naked so she could keep sitting on it and trying to go. Eventually that fun wore off and it became more fun to toss the ball into the potty instead. Despite many reminders that if she needs to pee-pee she should sit on the potty, she peed a big puddle next to the potty while playing with the ball in the potty. Now the potty sits in various spots of the living room being completely ignored. BUT, during bath time one night I caught that I’m-about-to-poop look on her face and I plucked her up and onto the big potty. She seemed a little scared to continue but by then she really had to go and one tiny turd escaped. Well Mommy acted like that little turd was made of pure gold and I praised the heck out of her. That in turn caused her to want to make more so the gates opened and the party began. We called Daddy in and Uncle Clay in and everyone marveled at the accomplishment. She kept saying “I did it!” and it was adorable. We stood in front of the potty staring and dancing and when I asked her if she wanted to flush it she said no. Apparently she wanted to look at it a bit longer before finally being ready to flush. A few days after that I thought she might need to go again and plopped her on the potty and we caught a pee event. She thought that was pretty funny and we did the “PeePee in the Pot-tay” song and dance all through the house. Since then there has been no major efforts but that is okay. I am sure she’ll potty train herself when she’s ready. If not, we’ll work on it when I think she’s for sure mature enough.

Well that’s it for my long catch-up post! Hopefully I’ll post more frequently again.  Especially because I am excited to talk about her emotion recognition!  It is so cool to watch them develop and grow!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cool Giveaway!!!

Life has been very hectic lately and I haven't had the time I'd like to update my blog and also to keep up with blogs I like to read.  Tonight I took some time to read through my good friend LeeAnn's blog.  We talk a bunch IRL so I've known what's been going on in her life but I also LOVE to read her blog and see what she's blogging about and what cool giveaways she has going on.  Tonight I came across one I could really, really use.  For many reasons beyond it's a good idea, we've been trying to cut costs and save money and work towards a healthier bank account.  One of the ways we are interested in is using coupons.  To be honest, we've been talking about it for months but haven't actually started doing it full force yet.  The biggest hold-up is the organizing of coupons.  Taking a bunch in your hand or an envelope and trying to get through a shopping trip only to fumble through them at checkout and/or realize you left some ones of the ones you needed at home is not my idea of fun.  A solution to that mess is what the giveaway is all about and I want to win this one bad!  So head on over to LeeAnn's and check out the Couponizer Giveaway for your chance to win as well.  What a GREAT idea!
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