Cool Giveaway!!!

Life has been very hectic lately and I haven't had the time I'd like to update my blog and also to keep up with blogs I like to read.  Tonight I took some time to read through my good friend LeeAnn's blog.  We talk a bunch IRL so I've known what's been going on in her life but I also LOVE to read her blog and see what she's blogging about and what cool giveaways she has going on.  Tonight I came across one I could really, really use.  For many reasons beyond it's a good idea, we've been trying to cut costs and save money and work towards a healthier bank account.  One of the ways we are interested in is using coupons.  To be honest, we've been talking about it for months but haven't actually started doing it full force yet.  The biggest hold-up is the organizing of coupons.  Taking a bunch in your hand or an envelope and trying to get through a shopping trip only to fumble through them at checkout and/or realize you left some ones of the ones you needed at home is not my idea of fun.  A solution to that mess is what the giveaway is all about and I want to win this one bad!  So head on over to LeeAnn's and check out the Couponizer Giveaway for your chance to win as well.  What a GREAT idea!


Lori said…
Yes, it is hard to organize all the coupons and giveaways. I agree, I've been blogging for awhile now and seen the same difficulties. You can see our giveaways and real deals at Thanks.
LeeAnn said…
LOL! I saw in my reader that you had a new blog post and I was so excited. I thought maybe you were actually blogging again! Seriously...get to it!

Oh and BTW...I LOVE the new pic of Reagan! Is that from her 2 year pictures? I never did get to see those. :-(

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