Five Question Friday!

Woo-hoo!  It's Friday!!  I have a few small home improvements projects on my agenda plus making time for some fun this weekend.  I hope everyone enjoys theirs!

Now on to 5QF with Mama M!

1. Have you worn the same outfit more than one day in a row?
Yup!  Happens quite a lot on the weekends (well, as long as the clothes don't get gross from the first day).  I tend to pick favorites and then I want to be in that outfit all the time.  LOL

2. If you had to choose any LARGE city to live in, which would it be?
In or near?  Does Orlando count?!  LOL  I suppose if it had to be IN a city larger than Orlando I would at a wikipedia list of the largest cities...Istanbul was Constantinople...) OH!  Got it!  Madrid!  Definately Madrid.  I love Spain!

3. Fly or drive with the kids on vacation?
Either/or is fine with me although my recent actual vacations involved both.  Reagan and I flew to Maryland and then drove with my mom to the beach. 

4. What is your idea of "spring cleaning"?
A big recycle bin to throw a year's worth of junk mail into and a big garbage can for the rest of the useless crap that accumulates. 

5. What is the best book you have ever read?
I've read a lot of books that I really loved but the original Peter Pan as written by J. M. Barrie is the one I love the most.  I actually own an original copy.  :-)

Have a great one everybody!


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