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He's Here!!!

A longer post about his birth is coming but I wanted to get this up while I had a brief moment. 

Born May 25, 2011
11:55 PM
7 lbs 10 oz
20 inches long

Perfect and beautiful in every way.

Our precious son, Trevor Michael. :-)
(More pictures to come!)

Dear Baby: Today is your Due Date!

I cannot believe his due date is here!  I still remember when the birth mother called to let us know she was expecting again.  Today seemed so far away then but it really has come quickly.  Our birth mother is still contracting on an irregular basis so it doesn't look like he is going to be a punctual one - which is perfectly fine because no one in our family is!  Tomorrow the birth mother will be requesting a membrane sweep from the midwife and if the midwife is able to get there to do it then we will sit back and see if that helps things along.  All I know is that his Grandma-to-be must be awfully relieved that he is now out of Taurus range!

Stay tuned....

I Rocked My Baby Last Night...

My first baby.  The one that was so nosy from just a few weeks old that she could barely stand to be cuddled and rocked.  The one who used to wiggle and squirm when I tried to make rocking and reading a nightly ritual.  The one who never seemed to enjoy it very much because she was just too busy and curious about her world. 

Well last night she had a crying spell in her crib.  She almost always goes to bed without a peep and she did at first last night but then stood in her crib later crying pitifully and begging us to let her out.  We told her it was nighty-night time and to go to sleep and we'd see her in the morning but she wasn't having any of it and she wasn't calming down.  Since this is unusual for her I decided to pick her up to comfort her.  As I was pacing her floor with her she would vise grip my neck and climb my body each time we got near her crib.  I asked her if she wanted me to rock her and got back a pitiful yes for an answer. 

I took her into my room wh…

39 Weeks Today!

Our birth mother is 39 weeks pregnant today!  I had to laugh at the ticker message that says - "Our baby is launch ready.  Curled up with legs on the chest and knees against the nose."  Today was the last launch of the space shuttle Endeavor so that was a cute coincidence.  I was disappointed that it was too cloudy to see the launch from where I was but glad it went off safely.  I am really, really, really going to miss the shuttle program.  I've often jokingly threatened to go stow-away on a shuttle before launch and I have been known to say that if I ever win the Lotto I am having the check made out to the Russian Space Agency so I can hitch a ride to space!  Aviation and space have long been special loves for me.

Tonight/tomorrow morning is the full moon for May.  Maybe the moon can help make today the last Endeavor launch out of this world and the launch of our son into this world!  Only time will tell.  Stay tuned...

38 Weeks Today!!!

Our birth mother is 38 weeks pregnant today!  She's been in various states of prodromal labor for the past week.  There was a period of high activity of contractions on Monday the 2nd and then again on Friday the 6th and we are just patiently waiting for that to move into active labor.  He will come when he is ready and while I am beyond excited to meet him, I am also taking the time to cherish my remaining days as a mother of one.  :-)

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day.  Mine was perfect.  My husband got up with Reagan and kept her occupied outdoors while I slept until 12:30pm!  I can't even remember the last time I slept that late!  It felt wonderful because I was exhausted but then I had that sluggish feeling to get over from sleeping so long.  Lunch and cards were waiting for me (because I insisted no gifts!) and my husband had set up the new inflatable pool for Reagan to play in.  We all ate lunch and I lounged around catching up on some television while Reagan…

5 Question Friday

Woohoo!  The weekend is here!  We don't have any major plans yet except for going to hang out with one of my BFFs on her back porch (complete with pool and mac-daddy swingset!) on Saturday evening.  Hoping that her awesome hubby decides he wants to watch all the kids in the pool while the mommies talk so that I don't have to put on a bathing suit.  LOL  For some reason I don't mind wearing a suit in mass public situations (beach, water park, etc.) but on smaller scales I get a little (okay a lot) self conscious. 

The rest of the weekend is still up in the air.  Who knows, maybe we'll have a baby! 

Well it is time for 5QF with My Little Life so head on over and link up for some fun!

1. Have you ever had roommates?
Sure have.  Some great and some not so great.  My first semester of college I was put into a school-owned tiny 2 bedroom apartment with 3 other girls.  No lie my mother nervously asked the school if I could be put with 3 boys instead.  The person checking us…

Any Special Needs Kids Resale Equipment?

Reagan's birth brother Oscar was born with Spina Bifida.  He lives with one of my BFFs and we are always out together doing things with the kids.  Like the corn maze last November (because I love this picture of them!)
And playing at the playground (just look at his sweet face!)
Well one of the things we've learned about Spina Bifida is that even the specialists can't predict what each individual child will accomplish.  There are ranges within each level of defect but those ranges are very broad.  That is a good thing and a bad thing.  The good thing is that the specialists don't tell you to only expect this or to never expect that.  The bad thing is that the specialists can't tell you what to expect and when you are trying to figure out how best to help a specific child that can be intimidating.  My BFF is always checking out new ways to help Oscar fulfill his potential and advocating for him and he has more than exceeded any of our expectations already.  We believe…

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And guess what?!  Birth mom has had irregular contractions since late last night.  They could progress into full labor or they could taper off until closer to his due date.  We shall see but it sure is exciting!

Any Day Now!!!

Today our birth mother is 37 weeks pregnant - officially full-term!  Our baby boy's due date is May 23rd and that creates a pretty neat scenario.  When people ask me when our boy might arrive I can say - just about any day in the month of May.  He can safely arrive any time now and since the midwife likely won't want him going much past 41 weeks, there is an extremely high probability that his birthday will be, well, sometime in May!  We are getting so excited to meet him.  I just hope we are lucky enough that I am able to again be there for the birth.  The birth mother has a history of short labor so I need to be able to get there quickly!  I can't believe he is almost here!