39 Weeks Today!

Our birth mother is 39 weeks pregnant today!  I had to laugh at the ticker message that says - "Our baby is launch ready.  Curled up with legs on the chest and knees against the nose."  Today was the last launch of the space shuttle Endeavor so that was a cute coincidence.  I was disappointed that it was too cloudy to see the launch from where I was but glad it went off safely.  I am really, really, really going to miss the shuttle program.  I've often jokingly threatened to go stow-away on a shuttle before launch and I have been known to say that if I ever win the Lotto I am having the check made out to the Russian Space Agency so I can hitch a ride to space!  Aviation and space have long been special loves for me.

Tonight/tomorrow morning is the full moon for May.  Maybe the moon can help make today the last Endeavor launch out of this world and the launch of our son into this world!  Only time will tell.  Stay tuned...


Rachel said…
I have to say, I am waiting for the reveal of the name - if you have posted it already, I missed it.

I love the name Tucker...just thought I would say that! Ha!!
Christin said…
Oh how exciting!! Congrats on the soon to be new baby boy! Can't wait to see some pictures. Wishing you all the best.

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