I Rocked My Baby Last Night...

My first baby.  The one that was so nosy from just a few weeks old that she could barely stand to be cuddled and rocked.  The one who used to wiggle and squirm when I tried to make rocking and reading a nightly ritual.  The one who never seemed to enjoy it very much because she was just too busy and curious about her world. 

Well last night she had a crying spell in her crib.  She almost always goes to bed without a peep and she did at first last night but then stood in her crib later crying pitifully and begging us to let her out.  We told her it was nighty-night time and to go to sleep and we'd see her in the morning but she wasn't having any of it and she wasn't calming down.  Since this is unusual for her I decided to pick her up to comfort her.  As I was pacing her floor with her she would vise grip my neck and climb my body each time we got near her crib.  I asked her if she wanted me to rock her and got back a pitiful yes for an answer. 

I took her into my room where the rocker is, gave her a blankie and sat in the darkness rocking my sweet baby girl.  Her whole body instantly relaxed and she stayed snuggled into me completely content.  It was pure bliss!  We both enjoyed the quiet closeness and a bit later she asked for her bed and went right to sleep. 

I love my baby girl!


Jacqui said…
What a beautiful moment for the two of you. V is the very similar in not being really cuddly and sleeping well.. but the past couple nights we have rocked in the recliner. It is one of the best feelings in the world, when you don`t get much of that snuggle time. :)

When I read the title, I thought the new little one was here. :)
LisaWeidknecht said…
Hopping by to follow you! Come follow me?

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