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And guess what?!  Birth mom has had irregular contractions since late last night.  They could progress into full labor or they could taper off until closer to his due date.  We shall see but it sure is exciting! 


Kara said…
Thanks for the sweet comment on today's post...sounds like you're in for an exciting time in the next few weeks! Congratulations! Two of our 5 were also through adoption :)
Bird said…
Thanks for stopping by DisneyBird today! So glad to have you! I thought I'd swing by and check you out, ad I am so happy that I did! I don't think I made it much farther than your page headers and first two posts and I already heart your blog! I, too, have PCOS, which was discovered after giving birth to my daughter (which explained why it was so hard to have gotten pregnant in the first place)... Okay, started to give you my whole life story there and had to take it back... I'll be stalking your blog tomorrow and maybe we can chat sometime soon! Wonderful news on your expected little one! I know anytime now is safe, but hopefully he stays snug as a bug for a little longer. I, too, will be praying you make it in time. Good luck, God bless, and congrats again!

Please feel free to also check out my mommy-blog www.busymamabird.blogspot.com

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