Any Day Now!!!

Today our birth mother is 37 weeks pregnant - officially full-term!  Our baby boy's due date is May 23rd and that creates a pretty neat scenario.  When people ask me when our boy might arrive I can say - just about any day in the month of May.  He can safely arrive any time now and since the midwife likely won't want him going much past 41 weeks, there is an extremely high probability that his birthday will be, well, sometime in May!  We are getting so excited to meet him.  I just hope we are lucky enough that I am able to again be there for the birth.  The birth mother has a history of short labor so I need to be able to get there quickly!  I can't believe he is almost here!


Mama KC said…
I just hopped over here after you visited me earlier, and I'm so glad that I did! What an exciting time in your life!!! I'll pray for a safe and easy delivery...and that you get to the hospital on time. :-)

KC @
Tammy said…
How exciting for you! I bet it is so hard waiting. It will be here before you know it!

Thanks for linking up with us today for the bloghop. Following you back too! :) Happy Thursday!

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