38 Weeks Today!!!

Our birth mother is 38 weeks pregnant today!  She's been in various states of prodromal labor for the past week.  There was a period of high activity of contractions on Monday the 2nd and then again on Friday the 6th and we are just patiently waiting for that to move into active labor.  He will come when he is ready and while I am beyond excited to meet him, I am also taking the time to cherish my remaining days as a mother of one.  :-)

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day.  Mine was perfect.  My husband got up with Reagan and kept her occupied outdoors while I slept until 12:30pm!  I can't even remember the last time I slept that late!  It felt wonderful because I was exhausted but then I had that sluggish feeling to get over from sleeping so long.  Lunch and cards were waiting for me (because I insisted no gifts!) and my husband had set up the new inflatable pool for Reagan to play in.  We all ate lunch and I lounged around catching up on some television while Reagan napped.  After nap we all went in the pool and played for hours until we realized it was way past dinnertime.  I decided on Chinese takeout (which I could live off of - alternating with Mexican of course) since it was too late for our original plans and by then Reagan was so exhausted she was asking "Go bed? Go bed?".  It was an awesome day - did I mention my husband did ALL of the laundry in the house? Washed, dried, folded AND put away - I always struggle with the put away part.  So, yeah, it was a wonderful Mother's Day for me.

Oh and I am hopping again today!  Check it out.


Bird said…
Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day. My hubby dd good, too :-) Enjoy those days with your precious little girl. Things will be changing soon, but only for the better! :-)
Rachel said…
Sounds like the perfect day!! You are such a wonderful Mommy!! Happy Mother's Day!!
CHINI said…
Heart always trust on love
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