Any Special Needs Kids Resale Equipment?

Reagan's birth brother Oscar was born with Spina Bifida.  He lives with one of my BFFs and we are always out together doing things with the kids.  Like the corn maze last November (because I love this picture of them!)
And playing at the playground (just look at his sweet face!)
Well one of the things we've learned about Spina Bifida is that even the specialists can't predict what each individual child will accomplish.  There are ranges within each level of defect but those ranges are very broad.  That is a good thing and a bad thing.  The good thing is that the specialists don't tell you to only expect this or to never expect that.  The bad thing is that the specialists can't tell you what to expect and when you are trying to figure out how best to help a specific child that can be intimidating.  My BFF is always checking out new ways to help Oscar fulfill his potential and advocating for him and he has more than exceeded any of our expectations already.  We believe he could go even further given the opportunity to try out different types of therapeutic and mobility equipment.  The problem there is the expense.  Insurance only covers so much and then you are on your own.  He recently got some new wheels and immediately knew how to use them.
Well there are so many other pieces of equipment he could probably benefit from but we've been unable to find an affordable way to obtain those.  We thought for sure there would be a network of equipment since the kids grow so fast but not even the regional spina bifida clinic had any leads on how to find outgrown equipment.  So I thought I'd throw it out to the blogosphere and see if anyone has any ideas or leads they can share.  Please feel free to share this post with others who may be able to help.  Oscar is such a happy child and so loved and he certainly deserves every possible chance to maximize his abilities. 

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!


Bird said…
I would repost this on my mommy blog, but I'm afraid I don't have many readers yet, so it would not be seen... Oh, I know! I'll tweet it! Hope that helps, and I wish you the very best in finding what that adorable little Oscar needs!!
I love the name of your blog, it is so true! Thanks for finding me today. I'm happily following you back.

Happy Thursday!
Babymama said…
New follower from today's bloghop.

How exciting that you will be a new mommy again any day! So happy for you.

Best of luck.
I'm the adoptive parent of two amazing daughter has special needs and I currently have a gait trainer, which she has outgrown. We receive her equipment these days via Shriner's Hospital of Philadelphia. If you're friend can be accepted into a Shriner's Hospital (criteria is disability, not financial) near you, she would not be charged for any equipment or orthotics. In addition, I'd be happy to give away the gait trainer - I'd only ask that you cover shipping. I can give you more detail privately. Contact me via gmail at
Congrats on your new arrival!
Thanks for stopping by last week during the Follow Me Chickadee hop!

I am finally getting a chance to check in with all of the people who left comments... and I LOVED this post. Such a great idea this is.

I shared it on my Facebook Fan Page, and on twitter!!
valetta said…
When I lived in WV there was a couple good groups that offered service for the developmentally and physically challanged. As a special needs mom myself, I know too well the costs of the equipment our kids need, and it's so not right that the costs prohibit special people from getting the things that will make their lives easier. I am not sure what state you're in, but I imagine the pediatician can connect you with the programs in the state so you could set up a network with other special needs moms to switch, try and obtain the equipment!
Anonymous said…
Nice and thanks!

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