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Unexpected Expenses Stink!

One of the not so fun sides of adoption is when you get blindsided by unplanned-for expenses.  I think I am a little more sensitive to the money portion of it simply because one of the (many) biggest insults of infertility in general is how much it can cost to become a parent and that unfairness has aggravated me from my very first bill at the reproductive endocrinologist (fertility clinic).   But we've dealt with it and moved forward regardless and somehow made it work.

Then I got a call this past Monday (not from the birth parents) and the gist of it was, oh by the way, we forgot to tell you about this expense and we'll be needing $2,300 before the birth.  *GULP* We are less than 9 weeks away from the due date and you didn't think to warn me of this potential expense?!?!  Awesome. 

So, Saturday is phase one of fund raising with a yard sale.  I have mounds and mounds and mounds of pink clothes that obviously won't be getting used again with the next baby so out they g…

Do You *HAVE* to Name a Baby?

Naming our soon to be baby boy is proving to be quite a difficult task.  The names I love, my husband hates.  The one name he keeps threatening me with is never going to happen so I really wish he'd stop bringing it up!  LOL  Naming Reagan was a piece of cake, Emily did it for us so all we had to do was follow along.  I keep asking her to name this one too but so far she hasn't.  So, I continue to throw out names and my husband continues to shoot them down and here we sit with less than 10 weeks until his due date and he doesn't yet have a name.  To make matters worse, I seem to have a new favorite every other day although I have noticed two names that make repeat appearances as favorites so I am hoping to get my husband to agree to one of those.  Ah well, maybe one day soon the little one will have a name.  Stay tuned...


Reagan is very into opposites right now.  It is really fun to see what she knows.  I had recently bought her a book on opposites and am extra happy to read it to her now that she's decided that is the topic of choice.  We play the opposite game all the time.  Her favorite is Up and Down.  She'll say "Mommy, Mommy. Uuuuuup" and point her little hands up.  Then she'll say "Doooooooown" and point her hands down.  Then we giggle and repeat about 100 times.  Earlier tonight she surprised me with a new one.  She was sitting behind me on the couch and we were playing the fake scare me game (she thinks scaring and being scared are totally hilarious) when she gently pushed me forward.  She said "Pushhhhhh" while she was doing it.  Then she grabbed my shirt and pulled me back up saying "Pullllllllll".  And we did that about 100 times (no need for crunches for me tonight! LOL).  I am so impressed with how much she knows.

Another favorite of he…