Do You *HAVE* to Name a Baby?

Naming our soon to be baby boy is proving to be quite a difficult task.  The names I love, my husband hates.  The one name he keeps threatening me with is never going to happen so I really wish he'd stop bringing it up!  LOL  Naming Reagan was a piece of cake, Emily did it for us so all we had to do was follow along.  I keep asking her to name this one too but so far she hasn't.  So, I continue to throw out names and my husband continues to shoot them down and here we sit with less than 10 weeks until his due date and he doesn't yet have a name.  To make matters worse, I seem to have a new favorite every other day although I have noticed two names that make repeat appearances as favorites so I am hoping to get my husband to agree to one of those.  Ah well, maybe one day soon the little one will have a name.  Stay tuned...


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