Reagan is very into opposites right now.  It is really fun to see what she knows.  I had recently bought her a book on opposites and am extra happy to read it to her now that she's decided that is the topic of choice.  We play the opposite game all the time.  Her favorite is Up and Down.  She'll say "Mommy, Mommy. Uuuuuup" and point her little hands up.  Then she'll say "Doooooooown" and point her hands down.  Then we giggle and repeat about 100 times.  Earlier tonight she surprised me with a new one.  She was sitting behind me on the couch and we were playing the fake scare me game (she thinks scaring and being scared are totally hilarious) when she gently pushed me forward.  She said "Pushhhhhh" while she was doing it.  Then she grabbed my shirt and pulled me back up saying "Pullllllllll".  And we did that about 100 times (no need for crunches for me tonight! LOL).  I am so impressed with how much she knows.

Another favorite of hers is on and off.  That of course requires a light switch and a box to stand on to reach it.  I am probably going to need to stock up on light bulbs until this phase passes.  The on and off is my least favorite because she tends to like to start that one with off while I am trying to put clothes away or putting clothes in the dryer or anything else that requires me to have the light on.  Oh well, watching her show off her knowledge is way more fun anyway!

I can't wait to find out what other opposites she knows but hasn't shown us yet.


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