Unexpected Expenses Stink!

One of the not so fun sides of adoption is when you get blindsided by unplanned-for expenses.  I think I am a little more sensitive to the money portion of it simply because one of the (many) biggest insults of infertility in general is how much it can cost to become a parent and that unfairness has aggravated me from my very first bill at the reproductive endocrinologist (fertility clinic).   But we've dealt with it and moved forward regardless and somehow made it work.

Then I got a call this past Monday (not from the birth parents) and the gist of it was, oh by the way, we forgot to tell you about this expense and we'll be needing $2,300 before the birth.  *GULP* We are less than 9 weeks away from the due date and you didn't think to warn me of this potential expense?!?!  Awesome. 

So, Saturday is phase one of fund raising with a yard sale.  I have mounds and mounds and mounds of pink clothes that obviously won't be getting used again with the next baby so out they go.  I have also been organizing stuff for the past year or so thinking I'd one day have a yard sale so out that goes too.  Looking at the huge pile of stuff, we should definitely make enough to at least put a decent dent in that amount.  After Saturday though, it is back to the drawing board to get creative for the rest.  Thankfully they did agree to accept that amount in payments and to allow those payments to go somewhat past the birth considering he is due so soon.  I would feel much better though to have it paid before and be done with it.

Like I said, unexpected expenses stink! 


Lois said…
They don't want to make it too simple, do they? Hope it works out for you.
Jacqui said…
I hope that your sale goes well on Saturday! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that you put a HUGE dent in that amount.

I'm so sorry this happened.. bleh!
foxy said…
Wow Congratulations Dawn! What an exciting new addition to your family, and to be able to adopt from the same birth parents! There is something very special about that, i think.

I wanted to thank you for your incredibly thoughtful comment on my last post. It really meant so much to me to be heard and understood. You are such a wise woman, and I feel so lucky to receive such compassionate support here. Thank you.

Good luck with the fundraiser! and any other last minute bits of planning that you have underway.
Sofia Britts said…
Well, life is indeed full of surprises, Dawn. If unexpected expenses come up every now and then because you're having a baby, it won't be long until that baby surprises you with his/her first smile or walk. Just make sure you're there to witness that because that it can make all your frustrations on money go away. ;)

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