Apology and THE BUG!

I apologize for slacking on my postings!  I was away for a week and haven't had a moment to catch my breath and post.  Phew!  It was an AWESOME trip and I will have pics and details to post soon.  Until then, here is my welcome home to Florida story:

The Bug!
So, bugs in general are nothing more than an annoyance for me – I don’t scream and freak out and run flailing my arms. But BIG bugs and gross bugs give me major heebie jeebies. And flying big gross bugs turn me into a paralyzed screeching 5 year old girl. Yesterday morning when I was getting ready to leave for work I opened the front door and in flew this giant flying cockroach. It had to be bigger than a pterodactyl – I’m sure of it. It looked me straight in the eyes and told me it was coming for me. I almost died I think from heart failure. So we ended up eyeing each other with me whimpering and scared to move and he landed on the wall near the door and started walking up it and OMGOMGOMG I couldn’t think of a safe way out of the situation. My eyes were darting back and forth trying to figure out if there were any weapons in arms reach but I wanted to keep one eye on the nasty creature at all times and I was still scared to move. And dang it – there was nothing. So, since I had frozen, the door was still partially open. I was thinking that there wasn’t even a way to escape outside because I’d have to run RIGHT BY IT! Plus, I didn’t want it wandering around the house where it could attack my baby or build itself a fort from which to attack me later in the day. Just as I was thinking it was hopeless and I’d have to grab the baby and burn the house down, it walked inside the door jamb. A-HA! SLAM! Game, set, match. Take *that* you ugly nasty gross flying cockroach!


LeeAnn said…
OMG that was hilarious! I know it wasn't for you, though, because I feel the same way about bugs. I always say they're trying to kill me!

Great story!

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