FINALLY Bought a Carrier...

Well after changing my mind 853,429 times, I finally bought a carrier.  We've already been on several outings since Trevor's birth where I wished I had a comfortable carrier to use.  I tried using the used Bjorn I got when Reagan was born and hated it just as much this time as I did back then.  Then I tried my Mei Tei carrier and remembered why it too got packed away.  I had already given away my slings since I hated them THAT much right from the first attempt to use them over two years ago (mostly for the same reason that most slings are not recommended for use - it always looked like Reagan was smushed in them and having trouble trying to breathe - too scary for me!)

Anyway, back in this post I thought for sure I had found my dream carrier and that my mind was made up.  Well up until I actually buy something that I consider a large purchase, I research it to death.  So, during one of those many mind changes, I had decided that here in hot Florida, I wanted an Ergo blue.  Black seemed too hot and the red seemed to obnoxious.  Then I decided I really wanted to touch and try some of them before really deciding.  Off to Macro Baby I went.  If you live near or ever visit Orlando and you have babies, toddlers, are expecting or know someone with any of those, you HAVE to check out this store!  They carry many European brands and have all of the high end brands for sale in the store for you to touch, try, see in person before you decide to spend the money, or just to drool, on them (like the gorgeous and sweet mac-daddy honest to goodness baby pram - for the low, low price of $1,200! - but man is it perty!)

Okay, back to my point.  I tried on many of the soft-side carrier options available on the market and found out that I truly did like the way the Ergo felt the best out of all of them.  And of the 3 Ergo versions, I was pretty convinced I like the Sport version the best for our hot weather.  Gift cards in hand I searched through all of the Ergos in stock and could not find a blue Sport - all they had were red and black.  Dejected I left without my carrier to see if I could find one on Ebay (not sure why I didn't just order from their site).  Bid and lost a few and kept researching in the meantime.  I read some more on the differences between the Sport and the Performance and after reading many user reviews and having tried on the Sport, I finally decided the Performance was actually the better one for our hot climate.  Probably. 

Back to Macro Baby I went, put on a Performance, plopped Reagan in it as my tester (as I had done previously on all the others) and walked around the store to see what I thought.  She clearly loved this carrier from the moment I put her in it (not so much with some of the others I had tried before) and I was very pleased with how comfortable it felt.  Gift cards in hand I took the carrier to the register and am now the proud owner of an awesome green - my favorite color! - Ergo Performance carrier.  I can't wait to take them out in it this weekend! (so far I have just carried them around in the house).  Hmmm...what to research next...


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