Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures

I finally got around to getting professional pictures done of the two babies together.  There was a special deal being run in our area and I jumped on it and promptly proceeded to spend way more than I wanted to anyway.  Oh well.  Here are the results from that session. 

I know I am biased but my gosh these children are beautiful!  :-)


abinormal said…
Great pictures! Your little boy is quite a poser! Elsa wouldn't cooperate for pictures at that age. What sweet blessings they are. :)
Candice said…
Adorable!! Love the crab onesie!
Rachel said…
Wow!! Those pictures are so CUTE!! Gosh, that baby boy looks to be the happiest baby around!!
Adorable pics :). Look forward to meeting you soon!
Debs Dealz said…
Such beautiful angels!

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Thanks, Debs Dealz
the little angels are sooo beautiful, so love them!!! the pictures are really lovely, its full of love love love!!!!! love your blog, following you now, hope you could visit my blog too..kissess!!!
Deniece Carmean said…
Your pictures are so good and your cuties are beautiful.

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