A Little About Me, A Little About Her

ME:  So today is CD 1, yesterday was CD 189 or something crazy like that, to be honest I had simply stopped counting.  This is however the first CD 1 of 2010 for me.  For those that don't know about PCOS and keeping detailed track of your menstrual cycle, CD stands for Cycle Day and for "regular" women on a 28 day cycle, they rarely go over CD 28 without running for a pregnancy test.  For those of us who are irregular due to PCOS, going past CD 28 is normal.  CD 1 is the first day that "Aunt Flo" arrives.  For most women most of the time this is nothing discussion worthy.  For a PCOS woman who is not on cycle regulating medications, CD 1 is an odd joy - for me it serves as a reminder that my body does know what it is supposed to do occasionally, it is validating of my femininity (which is something that PCOS robs most women of) and yes, it is also a pain.  Heck, even the PMS is exciting! (I know, sad)  After so much time passing between CD 1s, the cramping associated is practically debilitating.  Only good meds help.  Thankfully I feel better towards the end of CD 2 so I am looking forward to that.  I am not yet ready for the RE (reproductive endocrinologist) since the appointments cost so much money.  Instead, I am going to order 100 or so OPKs (ovulation predictor test sticks) and try another Soy cycle.  Soy is reported to work like Clomid by tricking your body to think it lacks estrogen which in turn sometimes tricks a PCOS body into ovulating on a somewhat normal schedule.  I've done different doses on different CDs with varying success and am now going to try 200mg on CD 1 - 5, use the OPKs every day from CD 6 on and see if it has any effect on my body this time.  Depending on my mood, you may or may not see regular updates about it here.  Enough about me...

Her:  Over the past week Reagan has started a new cute 'trick'.  A little background first.  Ever since she was first born, every little sneeze was met with a big God Bless You Baby!  Beginning around 4 months old or so, when she sneezed she would look expectantly at you waiting for her blessing and grin widely once granted.  Very shortly after that, if you didn't bless her quickly enough following a sneeze you got the baby stink eye.  It is by far the dirtiest look she gives.  Well, she now officially blesses back!!  If Daddy, Mommy or any of the dogs or cats sneeze, Reagan offers up a big "Bless".  Sometimes she even says it several times just to make sure you received it.  It is the most adorable thing and I am so proud that there is evidence of a nice thoughtful lesson having been learned.  I love my little Peek-A-Boo!


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