Five Question Friday - October !

YAY!  It's October!  I love October.  Here in Florida we finally get breaks from the intense heat and humidity and get some really nice, warm days.  Plus, it is the start of the holiday season in my mind.  Halloween is so much fun - not to mention the hayrides and other fun fall activities.  From there it is Thanksgiving and then on to Christmas!  This month is a busy weekend month - so many fun fall things to do plus a two airshows!  The first one is in Daytona - Wings and Waves - where I will get to spend some fun times with college friends and the second is in Cocoa - Cocoa Beach.  I can't wait!  I am a huge airplane nerd and Reagan has picked up my love for them so it is going to be really great.

Now on to 5QF hosted by the Lovely Mama M.  Head on over and link up!

1. Did you have a pen pal when you were little (or now)? Where were/are they from?
Now this question takes me back. I vaguely remember a mail in place where you could write and request a pen pal. I had two pen pals. A girl from England and a boy from Jamaica. I should go through some old boxes to see if I still have the letters and check for them on Facebook! LOL

2. If you could do a different job for one day, what would it be?
Baby nurse – how fun to take care of all the cute little newborns for a day!

3. Do you remember your biggest fear from when you were little?
The only thing I can remember being really afraid of – screaming, crying afraid of – is still a fear of mine today. Birds. If they get anywhere near me I panic. (I STILL need to write that ostrich story as a post – that helps to explain my issues with birds!)

4. What do you think is a waste of time? Why?
These days it feels like cleaning is a waste of time because as soon as the cleaning is over, the mess shows right back up!

5. What is the oldest item you have in your closet?
I have two dresses that I bought in Miami – drunk – many, many moons ago. At least 15 years ago. They are these tiny little hoochie-mama dresses that haven’t fit me for a long time and even if they did I doubt I would wear them. That ship has sailed! But, I just can’t seem to let them go. LOL

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone!  Have a great weekend.


Linda said…
Your little girl sure is cute!

I agree with you that cleaning is a big waste of time because it just gets messy again! (But I do so love a clean house!) (:>)

I almost put baby nurse too...I LOVE babies so much. We have had 14 grandchildren...lots of loving going on around here!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits
LeeAnn said…
Have we ever talked about our fear of birds? I'm scared to death of them too!!! I had one fly into my hair when I was at FSU...TWICE! I about died!
Tracy said…
I already follow you, but just stopping in from Relax and Surf Blog Hop to say Hi! I love your answer to #4! Maybe that's why I never feel like cleaning my house :)

Have a good day!
I also clicked a vote for you on the Picket Fence!

Come by for a visit! I'd love to "see" you!
Tracy at " A Slice of Smith Life"
Terry said…
I just love the name of your blog.

I am a new follower from Surf Sunday Blog Hop. I would appreciate it if you could stop by and follow me back.

I am giving a Halloween Apron away 10/5 to one of my blog followers.
Kristin said…
Hi! I'm your newest follower from the Sunday hop!

Kristin :)
Keenly Kristin
Fuyume said…
im a new follower via relax and surf sunday hope you'll check me out and follow bk :)
Indigo said…
The oldest thing in my closet? Probably a Louis Vuitton purse that I *had* to have about 20 years ago. I still use it every now and then.

ICLW #116 & 117
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hi. Visiting early for ICWL. Your daughter is so beautiful. Congratulations!
Damita said…
Awww I love October too mainly because my birthday is in the middle of it :)
Anonymous said…
Hi there, visiting from ICLW. I can't think of the oldest thing in my closet right now (I'm at work) but when I was little I was afraid of dark a dark closet. If I could do any other job for a day I think I would be president.
Anonymous said…
Hi there, visiting from ICLW. I can't think of the oldest thing in my closet right now (I'm at work) but when I was little I was afraid of dark a dark closet. If I could do any other job for a day I think I would be president.
daega99 said…
I love the holi season. I'm already making pumpkin infused goodies! And yes, I am hoping to order our Christmas tree very soon...

Bon said…
I had a penpal too! One from England. You have encouraged me to look her up on facebook. :)

Sarah said…
Haha, I always am amazed when people are scared of birds. Although I am TERRIFIED of mice. Not in cages, only if the get into my house or something. Nasty little vermin :)


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