Never Ceases to Amaze...

Reagan has lately been amazing us with things out of the blue.  One night in the bath it was suddenly counting to 8, then a few days later to 10 and most recently to somewhere in the teens - 11 and 12 are relatively easy to understand and then you hear a series of some-teens so who knows how high she is counting. 

A few weeks ago she started identifying colors while being dressed for bed.  Yellow is her favorite to point out and she gets that one right 100% of the time.  Pink and purple are next on the accuracy list followed by blue.  Red, green and orange are frequently called yellow as she for some reason doesn't know or doesn't choose to identify them.  Still, we are very impressed with her current color skills.

Last night was another "how does she know that" moment.  Her magnetic drawing board is her favorite toy and she sometimes insists that we draw things for her.  The routine is we draw something and say to her "What's that?" and she'll tell us cat, dog, SpongeBob, fish, etc.  She is pretty good at identifying even my poorly drawn pictures.  So when it was drawing time last night, I started drawing numbers and said "what's that?".  To my surprise and complete amazement, she identified each number by sight correctly.  Every time. And in random order.  I know it is one thing to be able to recite them by memory but to identify them by sight is another skill entirely.  And when we made a big deal about it, she looked at us like we were crazy!  Ah my sweet, smart little girl. 


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