Happy Mother's Day

What a day full of emotion in our household.  There is absolute joy and wonderment at being the mommy of my two beautiful babies.  Babies that I worried for many years I wouldn't get the chance to mother.  I have no words to describe how wonderful motherhood feels and how deep my love flows for my daughter and my son.  They are my entire world.

There is also wistfulness as I spend the day 800 miles away from my own mother.  We see each other several times a year and talk on the phone often but there is nothing like having your mom accessible in person daily.  Happy Mother's Day Mom!  I love you very, very, very much!

We also have a weave of deep sadness in our home on this and other important holidays.  My mother-in-law passed away a few weeks after Reagan was born.  It was very sudden and unexpected and the unfairness of the timing cuts deep.  She barely got to be MaMere (an informal French nickname for Grandma) before she was taken from us.  We miss her very much.
This is the balloon bouquet that we will release today in her memory.  Tied to the balloons will be Happy Mother's Day wishes to rise up to heaven for her.

Finally there is much gratitude and love to the woman who gave my children life and gave me the opportunity to be their mommy.  Without her I wouldn't have the blessings I have today and I hope today is a good one for her.  Our children will always know her love and for that I am especially thankful.  Happy Mother's Day Stacey!

As I celebrate my happiness and joy at being mommy, my heart never forgets not only their birthmom but also the thousands of women TTC, experiencing loss, waiting for a match, with babies born into heaven, with children estranged or missing, or otherwise in a place where this days brings more pain than joy.  Many prayers for peace, comfort and happiness.


First and Only said…
Very sweet post! Glad to see you and your two little ones are doing well!

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