Where Do Babies Come From? One Little Boy has the answer...

Something the other day that made me remember how kids sometimes perceive things.  One of my BFFs has a son who we used to joke that I had shared custody of him.  This child's heart really is a sight to behold.  He has always been very sweet, loving, caring and empathetic beyond his years.  He always seems to understand things on a deep heart level even when his young mind can't quite grasp all that is.  One of those instances happened when I was in the trenches of fertility treatments and he himself had his little world off-kilter.  Without going into too many details, he was 4 years old, his older brother had been horribly injured in Iraq (he is miraculously fine now thank God!) and his mom had to fly out for an undefined period of time to be with his brother as none of us knew if his brother was even going to survive.  While his mom was away, he stayed with me and up until that point had never been away from his mother even overnight. 

During his extended stay with us I had many doctors appointments to go to.  He picked up on the doctor talk and nervously asked what I needed a doctor for.  Knowing he had to be worried because the recent doctor talk in regards to his brother was grim, I tried my best to put his mind at ease.  One day while taking him to Pre-K he asked what was going to happen to me at the doctor later that day.  I told him that he shouldn't worry about me because I was going to a doctor who was trying to fix my belly so I could grow a baby.  Confused, he asked several more questions and I tried to explain in ways he could understand.  He seemed satisfied with the answers and somehow internalized how badly I wanted to be a mommy.

From time to time he would ask if the doctor fixed me yet and I would tell him not yet.  Apparently his little brain then went into overtime trying to help his Aunt Dawn become a mommy.  One day while picking him up from Pre-K he told me that it was okay that the doctor hadn't fixed me yet because I could just go into the baby room there and get a baby.  He was so proud of himself for figuring out that people went into the baby room at his childcare center and came out smiling and holding babies and he was so happy to tell me of this solution.  I nearly cried with the sweetness and innocence of it.  Man I love that little boy! 

Here he is a little bit more grown up and sitting in a fire truck (a helper vehicle of course!).  Can't you just see his sweet soul shining through?!


Leah Campbell said…
That is just ridiculously sweet.
Anonymous said…
Awww, thats one of my best memories at the same time of the worst memories, that ended miraculously though seems so long ago now doesn't it? I have goose bumps thinking about it. Love ya

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