Kindergarten! Already?!?!?!

On Monday, August 18, 2014 my baby girl started kindergarten at 5 years 8 months 2 weeks and 1 day old.  Um, exactly how did that much time pass from this:

To this:

I swear I only blinked liked two or three times.  Moms of newborns right now, don't blink!

So to backup just a bit, on Thursday, May 29, 2014, Reagan graduated from VPK.  I barely held it together through the ceremony and Reagan was her true funny little self throughout which helped.  Here is her graduation video clip.  She speaks so fast but she is saying "In Pre-K I learned how to read".
She had a great year in VPK and learned so many things and loved her teachers, Ms. Cara and Ms. Michelle.  Her least favorite part of her day was naptime so she was very happy to learn that you don't sleep in kindergarten!

She had a long, fun summer full of fun and family time and visits from relatives and late nights.  The late nights came to screeching halt the night before school started and before we knew it, school was ready to begin!

We got ready, took some first day of school pictures and then walked to the bus stop.  Since it was the first day ever in the "big" school, I hopped in the car (sobbing the whole way!) to meet her at school and walk with her to class.  She didn't need this step but I did.  :-)

After getting her settled in, the teacher shooed us moms and dads out the door to the Boo Hoo breakfast that the school put on for the kindergarten parents.  It was basically an orientation to the school for the parents.  The principal gave an introduction and shared her philosophies, told us about the school, gave us lists of resources for additional questions, etc.  It was a nice touch to answer those lingering questions for us newbies.
Then I went home and logged on to work and kept checking the clock to await the return of my big girl.  Finally the bus pulled up and out bounced this happy kindergartener!

We are now one week in and she still loves it.  Her first week progress report was great with only one area checked for needing improvement.  Seems this girl likes to spend too much time talking to her friends when she is supposed to be working quietly.  I predict a reoccurring theme with that one. 
As I was posting my conflicting emotions about the first day of kindergarten for my first baby, an old friend of mine posted this poem and tagged me in it.  It pretty much sums up all of the bittersweet tears I shed that day.
I am just so proud of my girl!


Grandma said…
I have tears running down my face reading this, so much love Mommy :)

Joel said…
Hi, Nice post I enjoyed reading it. Can I contact you through your email? Please email me back. Thanks!



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