BEST Mother's Day Weekend EVER!!!

Ok, so there's only been 2 so far but it really was a fun and great weekend.  It started with leaving work a bit early on Friday where I went home, switched cars and took the SUV to get 2 new tires.  Should have gotten 4 but I didn't think the others were as worn as they turned out to be so another 2 are in the near future.  Anyway, it has been a looooong time coming and I finally just went and did it.  Then, I went to Babies R Us where I found the lightweight stroller I want - I have gone back and forth and round and round testing and trying different strollers to try to find one to replace the heavy chunky bulky Chicco Cortina from her travel system and I am so happy to have finally found one I actually like.  Unfortunately, I didn't actually talk myself into purchasing it until after I left the store and I ran out of time to go back to get it - I wanted to mull it over some more and now I know it is the one I want.  From there I went to Target where I got a new tank top, badly needed new tennis shoes and some socks.  I was so proud to cruise through the baby section without making a single purchase!  LOL  After Target it was off to the Hair Cuttery to chop off all my hair.  I have been contemplating a change and finally decided it was time.  Over 11 inches was cut and I feel so much better with all that heavy hair gone!  From there, picked up Chinese for dinner and home to a shocked husband (he got over it).

I got up early on Saturday to go to the zoo with my good friend LeeAnn and her family.  We had lots of fun and Reagan even touched a snake!  Grandmom is going to freak out!  Grandmom LOOK!  Don't you wish you were there to touch it too?!?!?  LOL
After the zoo we went to lunch and the girls had a nice chat while relaxing in the rocking chairs - great times with great friends!

From there we went home so Reagan could take a nice long nap and it was off to my friend Janet's for talk about her upcoming wedding and the carnival with her and Joseph.  The kids had a fun time and Janet and I watched a cute chick flick after we put the kids to bed.  By the time I got home it was after 12:30 - which is very late for me these days (and to think that used to be our starting time! LOL).
Poor Joseph got really scared on the motorcycle ride - the man was nice enough to stop it and let him off.

On Sunday, Reagan slept until 10am.  Then she and her daddy made delicious fruit filled crepes for breakfast.  YUM!!!  We relaxed around the house and played together and had a really fun day just goofing off at home.  For dinner Adam made my favorite steak salad and we got a chance to watch the final 2 episodes of Life on Discovery.  Too soon the weekend came to an end but what a wonderful weekend it was!

I hope all the mommys in my life had an equally great weekend!


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