No Fun Weekend

Reagan has her first outright cold.  I went on business travel last Monday - Tuesday and it was the first time ever that I was away from her for an entire night.  She did fine but I was missing her terribly.  To make the mommy-guilt even greater, she started with her first ever outright cold the day that I flew out.  She's had minor sicknesses before but never yet like this one.  This one is full on nose dripping, sneezing, coughing, off and on low grade fever and some nights of very little sleep.  The no sleep thing is awful!  I don't know how the mommies of non-sleeping babies do it.  I got so lucky with Reagan - she began sleeping through the night at 3 weeks old and before that she did 5 hour shifts at night broken up by a 15 minute feeding session.  So sleep deprivation at this point is a new thing. 

Anyway, we are getting through the cold and in the interest of trying to help her get better before we fly out on Saturday for a week in Maryland, we stayed home this past weekend and just played around the house.  I really hope she gets better this week because I am not looking forward to a plane ride that might hurt her little ears.  So, that is our exciting weekend report!  LOL


LeeAnn said…
Poor Reagan. :-( I hope she is back to 100% real soon!

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