Cleared to Fly!

I was starting to get worried about flying to Maryland on Saturday with Reagan having her cold.  I spoke to the nurse on Tuesday and she said to bring her in today to get a good once over just to make sure it was just a cold.  So this morning off we went to the doctor.  Our appointment was with a doctor in the practice that we haven't yet seen and she was great.  I really love her pediatrician office - we have seen several doctors there and have loved them all.  As is typical of Reagan at the doctor, she sits nice and calm and is extremely cooperative.  The doctor was laughing at how easy it was to examine her and called her the best patient ever.  I am always so proud of her at the doctor because I know that it can be very scary to have a stranger poking at you but Reagan just seems fascinated by the whole process. 

The verdict is that she has a normal cold, a small amount of non-infected fluid in one ear and great drainage of the congestion.  So, she is cleared to fly on Saturday!

The other good news is that my tiny girl, just shy of 18 months old, has finally broken the 20 pound mark!  LOL  She weighed in at around 21 pounds (she was clothed and tried out the big girl scale for the first time so she didn't stand completely still).  We'll get a more accurate weight at her upcoming 18 month appointment.  Now just because she is finally over the published "magic 20" and over a year old, I will not be turning her carseat forward facing.  After viewing this video and little Joel's website, I was easily convinced to keep her rear facing as long as I possibly can (maybe middle school at the rate she gains weight LOL).  She honestly doesn't mind it and I'll do anything to keep her as safe as possible.

The final news from the doctor visit was that I was chastised, again, for still having a paci clipped to her clothes.  Some of my friends pick on me because I haven't even considered taking it away yet and it has everything to do with the attachment I had to my own pacifier as a small child.  I LOVED my "deedee" almost more than Christmas presents.  When I was about 3 1/2 my parents decided I had to give mine up so they told me I had to leave it under the Christmas tree for Santa to take to a new baby.  They told me that was a condition of getting presents from Santa.  To their surprise, I didn't immediately hand it over.  It was late in the day before I finally chose presents over my beloved "deedee".  I wonder what they would have done if I hadn't handed it over? 

Anyway, I am sure a shrink would have a field day with my transferring my paci love to Reagan's paci and when I told the doctor that the attachment was likely more mine than hers, she told Reagan that she should give mommy her paci.  And the little stinker picked it up and put it to my face.  So thanks Reagan for not having mommy's back.  :-)  The other discussion involved Reagan not trying to enunciate her words and the doctor said the paci probably played a big role in that.  So, to further her development and to save her from being old enough to have the memory of giving up her paci, we will be going to sleep time only after returning from our trip.  If she does well with that, we will take it away at nap time and then finally at bed time.  Paci - I'll miss you!


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