Weekend Review - Toddler Fold-Out Couch

As I was trying to decide what to review this weekend, I thought about things that Reagan really enjoys and I knew I had to review her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Flip Open Sofa with Slumber.  Ta-da!

She LOVES this couch.  Just before Easter, Pop-Pop sent some money to buy Reagan gifts.  Off to Toys R Us we went and we ended up in the kiddie play furniture aisle.  I pulled down all of the versions of this plus a few chairs and let Reagan check them out.  She kept going back to the Mickey couch and her choice was made.  As soon as we got home she wanted to sit on it.  At bedtime she cried buckets because she had to leave her couch.  First thing the next morning she was looking for it right away.  We knew it was a hit.

She even quickly figured out how to flip open the slumber part but she doesn't yet use the sleeping bag portion of it - she just likes to lounge on top of the built in cover.

What better way to watch Yo Gabba Gabba then from your very own perfectly sized couch.  And the best part is that the cover zips completely off for easy washing.  That is important with snacks, juice and pets involved.

Ahhh, total relaxation!

The best parts of it from a mom's perspective are:  easy to clean, multiple configuration options, soft yet firm foam interior, LOW TO THE GROUND so I don't have to gain any new grey hairs when she happens to tumble off of it.  If you are in the market for a great little couch for toddlers, I highly recommend this couch.  And, if Mickey isn't your thing, there are other cover options available (Dora, Tinkerbell, Cars, etc.).

Disclaimer: This opinion is my own. I wrote this review without the request of the company. They have not contacted me in any way nor did they supply me with any products.  But they can if they want.  :-)

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LeeAnn said…
Great review, Dawn! Thanks for participating! Rylie loves her couch too!

You've been a busy blogger today! :-) And I see you have a couple of new followers too. Awesome! I have a lot of catching up to do on all of the Friday happenings!

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