I am SO glad to see THIS!

I read an article today that I couldn't agree with more.  It is an opinion piece titled Parents, don't dress your girls like tramps.  If you have the time, please go read it.  It's really good.  I'll wait...

Did you read it?  Are you saying hell yeah like I am?!  This article speaks to so many aspects of my beliefs anyway that I was floored.  First - personal responsibility.  I am pretty big on taking responsibility for your part in things.  I don't want to hear a bunch of excuses and have to walk through the dust cloud of someone trying to deflect blame away from themselves.  If it is truly someone else's fault that will be clearly evident and you won't even have to say a word.  So, for all the whining about companies making inappropriate items, it is ultimately the parents' failure if they buy it. 

Oh and then the whole be a parent and not a friend thing.  Can't even tell you how many times I've tried to get that point across to people.  Who cares if your teenager hates you because of your rules - they are supposed to!!!  That's kind of an indicator that you are doing a good job.  LOL  I fully expect Reagan to spew hateful things at me (or at least about me) when she is a teenager because I won't let her do something stupid or dangerous or inappropriate.  And while the words themselves might hurt me in that moment, it is just not worth her future to try to be her friend first through her pre-teen and teenage years.  I am her mom and sometimes the mom isn't popular.  Oh well.  I'll live.

So that brings me back to the subject of the article.  Dressing little girls like little hoochie mamas.  Not going to happen at my house.  Now granted during my college years I had my share of hoochie mama outfits so that part doesn't bother me so much as how completely inappropriate it is for a child to dress that way.  I dressed that way during college for one reason only - to attract the attention of males.  I wanted the free drinks and the compliments and the sense of power.  I however do NOT want males looking at my child that way.  And they will - there are plenty of perverts out there.  Enough so that I don't even feel comfortable letting Reagan run naked on the beach as a toddler and that stinks because every toddler should be able to run naked on the beach.  That is their "Adam and Eve" time and shouldn't have to be sheltered because of a bunch of sick people.  Anyway...

Reagan's bathing suits are all one pieces, tankinis or rash guards.  I see those teeny tiny bikinis for sale and I just don't feel right about putting her in one.  Sure they are cute but it has always made me uncomfortable to think of a little girl in a miniature bikini and how that somehow turns her into an object in some people's minds (not to mention added sun exposure).  I see teeny tiny girls in little bikinis all the time here in Florida and it just isn't something I want for my daughter.  I want her to be an innocent child for as long as possible and besides, I think traditional children's clothing is way cuter than any hoochie mama outfit any day!


Andrea said…
Girl, tell me about it. The other day I saw dresses cut to show cleavage in a size 2T! A two year old doesn't even HAVE those assets! I was like..you have GOT to be kidding me.

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