I think he might have a name soon.

Recently I wrote about how we were having a difficult time naming the soon to arrive baby boy.  Just for a little perspective, back when we got the call that the birth mother was pregnant again (about 10 weeks along) I announced to some of my friends that the baby was a boy and his name was Lucas.  Throughout the next few months I would text out other announcements that it was a boy and his name was ____ where I would insert the name of choice for that day/week.  For the first couple of months I went back to Lucas several times.  My husband always said Duff.  It started as a silly toss out name before we knew Reagan would be a girl and then he tried to convince me that he really did like it so he tortured me with it.  It got dropped until we knew this baby is a boy and he started again.  Only I think this time he really had himself convinced that he liked it.

Anyway, after the ultrasound confirmed that the baby is a boy we realized we really did have to agree on a name at some point.  Lucas was no longer on the "short list" as I had discovered it recently became a top ten name.  And I am just not a fan of using a top ten name.  Which is generally a disappointment because I happen to like most of the top ten names.  So, after going through several thousand names, my list looked like this:
Archer, Asher, Carson, Carter, Chad, Corbyn, Elijah, Hudson, Isaac, Jeremy, Landon, Mason, Nathan, Nathaniel, Parker, Roman, Ryder, Sawyer, Tyson, Zander, Zane

I handed the list to my husband, letting him know that my top 5 (at least at that point) were: 
Zane, Chad, Nathan, Carson and Archer

The reason those were my top 5 that day was because he previously had told me that Hudson was not going to happen on one of the days that was my favored name.  He responded that the only name he didn't hate on my list was Zane and that we could discuss that one further.  Later.  Apparently he meant much later.

Since the baby still had no name and we are approaching full-term, I went back to the drawing board and pushed aside my avoidance of top ten to come up with an alternate list (that still managed to include some from the previous list).
Liam, Logan, Hudson, Zane, Seth, Kevin, Ashton, Tyson, Leo, Aiden, Lucas

Tyson was really starting to grow on me, Zane remained a favorite, Hudson I still loved. Seth doesn't exactly flow with our last name but was a name my husband had mentioned back before we named Reagan as a girl so I added it to the list. And with pushing aside the top ten aversion, Lucas came back to the list.

Well shortly after making this new list, my husband announces that he will agree to Zane at the same moment that I decided that I really wanted a two syllable name and was going back to cross off the single syllable names. While I adore the name Zane and it is still a huge favorite of mine, something about it just didn't feel quite as though this was meant to be our child's name.

Last night, though, I do believe we came to a decision. I said a name that was originally on my mega-list (but I've omitted it from this post) that had previously been somewhat ignored and dismissed by my husband. When I said it last night and my husband repeated it in a somewhat shortened manner (to test out that potential nickname), both of us were shaking our head yes and he responded with - that is really kind of cool. So while he said it is now between that name and one of the repeat listed two syllable names above, I really think it is going to end up being the name I have yet to write. Because that is the name that feels so right for this baby and that feeling is what has been missing throughout all the other names we have discussed. And it is kind of fitting that last night was when all of this became clear to me. Last night marked 3 years since we lost my niece Emily so I had been thinking of her constantly all day long. I truly believe she named Reagan and I had been begging her to do the same with this new one so I am positive she made a special appearance last night to let me know the correct name for this baby and that she chose that particular time so I could be sure she helped. I really wish she was here with us in the flesh but I am sure glad that she stays so close - especially to my children.

So, stay tuned for the announcement of my little frog's name. We are getting so excited to meet him!


Lindsey Stipes said…
I have a Logan and Carson, so I am partial to those!! Love all the names you are thinking about...I had many of those same ones on our list.
Hi Reagan's Mommy,

Found you on the 5QF link, and am so glad I found your blog :)

I've read a few of your posts, and I really admire you for staying positive throughout all that you've gone through.

I am a mother of one little 6 year-old girl, and I must admit to you that your posts made me realize how easily it is for some mommies like me to take things for granted. I had a terrible pregnancy and afterward I was diagnosed with Postpartum Psychosis. My experience was traumatic to me, which is the sole reason why my daughter has not had any siblings yet.

I'm glad that you've found your precious little princess and that she found you! She is gorgeous indeed! And congratulations on your second... You must be so excited!

Your newest follower,

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