15 Month Check Up

Today Reagan had her 15 month check up. Her tiny self weighs 19.5 lbs (5%) and she is 31.12 inches tall (75%). Oh to be tall and thin. LOL Her head circumference is 46.8 (75%). She stayed on the same curves as last time so her doctor is very pleased. When it came time for the exam, Reagan was hilarious. Dr. E kept having to stop to laugh. She said *most* 15 month old exams do not go smoothly due to the emerging little personalities but Reagan was all into it. When Dr. E was listening to her heart and lungs Reagan stayed very still and stared right at her while gently holding the stethoscope tube between her fingers. When Dr. E checked her eyes and nose Reagan leaned right into it as if to give Dr. E a better look. Reagan could not understand why we were laughing because apparently she was being very serious. LOL Dr. E said that Reagan has one of the neatest little personalities and I have to agree. I just cannot get over the level of cooperation with Dr. E because I certainly don't get that level at home from her. :-)

After a clean bill of health it was time for vaccines. Booooo! The vaccines are always very hard for me because I myself have an intense and irrational fear of needles and I don't want her to pick up on that plus it just plain hurts to see your baby cry out in pain. After her 3 vaccines (she got her H1N1 booster finally), she was doing that silent scream trying to catch her breath. Before she could get out a few loud screams though the nurse handed her the tray of stickers. As soon as Reagan saw all those bright shiny stickers her screams stopped immediately without so much as a lingering whimper and she started babbling at the stickers. It was nice to have her over it so quickly. All in all I am very proud of my brave little girl and so thankful that she is healthy.


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