Crazy Baby

Reagan can be quite the little thief. She has a sense of what she can have and what she can't have and like any other little one - she wants what she can't have. Last night was an evening of no-no's. For instance, I had forgotten to put up her little airplane ride-on toy. She was watching Gabba while I was finishing up some work on the computer. I looked up to see her doing her ta-da pose again on top of it. Yup, standing on the seat of it with her hands straight up in the air. Her balance is amazing (thank goodness) and I had to sneak over to her in order to get her safely off. Airplane is now put up unless she is being supervised like a hawk.

Since her stunt-mobile was gone she needed to find something else to get into. She came over to me and began reaching for my work area stuff - cell phone, blue tooth, work papers, computer cords, etc. As fast as I could move something out of her reach she would spy something else to try to grab. Then it became a game to see who was faster. I lost. As I moved my computer bag, her hand shot out like a bullet and snatched up an open pen. As soon as she had it in her hand she was scurrying across the room with her prize. The scurry (short, fast steps as she continuously glances over her shoulder with a surprised look on her face) is hilarious and by the time I got to her I was laughing hysterically and she made me laugh even harder by doing effective manuevering to keep the pen away from me. She thought it was funny too and it made it impossible for me to do any kind of stern no about the scenario.

So much for the after shots crankiness and soreness the doctor said she might have. LOL


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