Grandmom Will Be Happy...

My mom has sometimes been referred to as "Imelda", as in Imelda Marcos and the infamous shoe obsession. She used to joke that one day she was going to run off and not tell any or us where she was and we would joke back that we could find her simply by visiting shoe stores. Reagan is displaying signs that she too will have a similar shoe shopping obsession. When I had her in Target this evening she started kicking her feet and whining when she saw shoes. I had to stop and try different pairs on her for her to be happy. When a new pair was put on her feet, she smiled broadly and giggled while holding her foot up and turning it to different angles to admire the shoe. When a pair was taken off she fussed quite loudly until the next pair was placed. I almost called Grandmom for her to hear for herself. We must have tried on shoes for 45 minutes or more before I took my whining child to the checkout line. And yes, Grandmom, she now has a new pair of shoes.


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