Pretend Play

It amazes me that a 15 month old can pretend play. She's been doing it for a couple of months now and it just floors me that it starts so young. She will pick up a play phone, real phone or any toy if neither of those are available and put it to her ear and say "Hiiiiii". Then she will hand it to me or Adam and wait for us to "talk" on the phone and if we don't say, "Oh, you want to talk to Reagan, here she's for you Reagan" then she'll keep handing it back to you until you do. Once you comply, she takes the phone back and says, "Hiiiiiii, bladop bfjak lfjdi uiou jbaha dhouo." (tongue moving in and out of her lips to mimic speaking). I have a feeling she is going to want her own personal cell phone by the time she is 3!

Her other favorite pretend game is with her baby dolls. This game makes me happy because I played with baby dolls myself until I was like 14 and continued to get them as gifts well into adulthood! LOL She picks up one of her babies and kisses it on the lips saying 'mmmmwaaa'. Then she hugs it to her body and says 'aaaahhaaa'. Then it's my turn to do the same. Then her turn. Then my turn. Then her turn. Then my turn. And so on. By the time she is done with the game, the poor doll's face is covered in toddler, uh, kisses.

She is so much fun and gets to be more fun and entertaining on a daily basis. I always look forward to what she is going to come up with next!


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