Heart Whispers

On the 21st of June Reagan had her 18 month check-up. As usual she was extremely cooperative and interested in process of the exam and even knows how to breathe in and out when a stethoscope is near. LOL Her stats were:

Height – 32 ¾ - 75%

Weight – 20lbs 14ozs – 5%

Head Circumference – 47 ½ - 75%

These are all in her normal percentile – my tall, thin big brained girl! LOL Her exam was normal except for the doctor detected a very slight heart murmur that hadn’t been detected before. Since Reagan is growing, eating and has a normal energy and activity level, the doctor decided to wait and see if the murmur was just an anomaly. Today we went for our recheck and the murmur was still there so after we return from our week in Ocean City, MD, Reagan will be getting an EKG to confirm that the murmur is just a normal, benign murmur. I am not concerned about it but am looking forward to a Pediatric Cardiologist telling me that I am right not to be concerned. KWIM?


LeeAnn said…
Gotta love those big brained kids! :-)

My brother and I both have heart murmurs and they are ridiculously common. I'm sure everything will be fine, but you know I would want a cardiologists opinion too. Keep me posted!

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