How I Know She's Mine

I am fortunate that Reagan and I share similarities in looks.  That means that only those we wish to tell will ever know that she became my daughter through adoption.  I think that is pretty neat and just confirms what my heart already knows - she was meant to be my child, chosen just for me, delivered in just the right way at just the right time.  Sweet perfection. 

Here are some other ways that I know she is mine:

* Secret shared squeals and giggles from under the blanket that is over our heads.

* Seemingly thinking the same thing at the same time...and realizing it.

* Morning hellos from her crib with kisses waiting just behind them.

* Those precious few moments when she climbs into my lap and sits very still and allows me to snuggle her.  I swear she does that for my benefit - LOL - it always happens just when I need it the most.

* Her love of nakedness - it started with me as a child and spread to my nieces and nephews and now she's picked up that "gene".  The children in our family tended to still do this well after modesty was supposed to develop...she'll likely do that same.

* Soccer - she's going to be a soccer star I am sure.  After just a few seconds of watching her first ever World Cup game, of actually watching the ball mind you, she went in search of her own ball to kick around the house.  She insisted I join in.  How I love playing soccer in the house with her!  She will follow in the footsteps of her soccer playing cousins. 

* The way she looks at me for reassurance when facing a new and intimidating experience.  Her eyes seem to lock into mine and my gentle "you're okay" gives her the confidence she needs to relax and move forward.  Sometimes she needs a re-check but that's fine with me.

* Her lack of fear - oh boy.  I now know exactly what my mother was feeling when I would fearlessly move about the world.  I try very hard not to instill fear into her where it isn't necessarily needed.  When she climbs up the big slide at the playground, I "casually" hover nearby just in case but allow her to test her own limits.  When she stands up proudly (and giggles) inside the baby swing while it's still moving though - that's when I try to get her to feel a healthy amount of fear.  I pray she keeps that with her for her whole life and that I am able to teach her some risk mitigation to go along with it. 

* The way my heart absolutely melts every single time I look at her or think about her.  Now that is true love.  :-)

I am so thankful for my beautiful daughter!


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