Reagan's 2 Year Check-Up

Yesterday we went to Reagan's pediatrician for her 2 year check-up.  Here are her 2 year stats:

Weight - 23 pounds - 5th-10th%
Height - 33 3/4 inches - 75th%
HC - 48 1/4 centimeters - 50th%

She is maintaining her regular growth curve and all measurments hit her target.  We get to switch to low-fat milk now and her next well visit won't be until her 3 year check-up.  She is on schedule with all her vaccines except the yearly flu shot so there weren't any shots yesterday since she is officially old enough for the flu mist.  Hooray!  She wasn't too sure about the first nostril mist but got the hang of it for the second one.

As is typical for Reagan, Dr. E spent most of the exam laughing.  For some reason my daughter LOVES going to the doctor and has been fascinated by the exam process since she was a tiny infant.  This time though she decided to help Dr. E with the exam.  She gently took the stethoscope and put it to her own chest under her shirt.  Then she took the ear light and put it in her own ear and turned her head for the other ear when the first one was done.  Then she looked at Dr. E, opened her mouth, pointed inside of it and told Dr. E, "Mouth" while reaching for the light.  It was so funny that she knew what came next.  She didn't want to lay down to have her tush checked but cooperated anyway. 

Her enunciation is still a tad behind others her age but she counts to 13 regularly and knows most of her colors so it averages out.  I am so blessed to have a healthy, happy, smart little girl (who may one day decide to be a doctor! LOL).


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