On Saturday we finally got out to the mall to see Santa Claus! She wanted no part of sitting in his lap but the Santa's helpers of today are experts at getting a good picture. One had me sit her on my knees up next to Santa while the helpers distracted her with a Dora ball and little globe strobe. While she was distracted, Santa slipped his arm around her, I leaned as far out of the picture as possible and a couple snaps later we had a keeper. I wouldn't have been too upset with a screaming toddler picture (it is a rite of passage after all) but I was impressed at their ability to get most toddlers distracted enough to smile. Thanks Santa - it was good to see you again.


Gertie said…
What a great picture! I wondered how you got that beautiful smile. Violetta has NO desire to sit on santa's lap or being within 10 feet of him. We have decided to forgo Santa this year. :)
Nicole said…
How darling! Hope you have many more happy memories from this Christmas!

Happy ICLW!

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