Favorite TV Shows

Reagan has loved the television since she was just a teeny tiny thing.  I am quite sure she watches way too much of it already but it is the only thing we have found that will get her to actually sit still and rest for more than 3.2 seconds at a time.  Her very first favorite TV show was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and we use to use it for 20 minutes of entertainment while we were taking care of various tasks.  We'd put her in her bouncy chair or her swing and turn it on.  Pretty soon we noticed her doing a version of the Hot Dog Dance - when they'd start singing the song and doing the dance, her little legs would kick one by one.  Adorable!

Soon after that, she discovered Yo Gabba Gabba.  It was love at first sight for her.  The singing and dancing and funny characters had her hooked.  One of her first words was actually Gabba.  There were even times she would wake in the morning, look at us and start saying GabbaGabbaGabbaGabba.  Her first birthday was even a mix of Mickey Mouse and Yo Gabba Gabba.

Over the past few months she has broadened her television horizons and over the summer Dora the Explorer was a favorite, then Diego bumped her out of the #1 slot and Reagan would hand you the remote and say Go, Go, Go, Go, Go.  At the moment she has two favorites, well one she asks for more than the other but the other is a close second place.  Currently at the #1 spot is Blue's Clues - which she asks for by opening and closing her hands up by her face and saying Fooos fooos.  She loves when they sing before getting the mail and chimes in on the last "maaiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllll".  It is hilarious.  Her #2 spot is Team Umizoomi which she asks for by saying simply Bot (he's the robot character on the show).

What's mommy's favorite you ask?  I like the Backyardigans.  LOL  I can remember being small and innocent enough with a big enough imagination to turn any environment into an adventure.  One of my favorite memories is my cousin Curt and I turning his bedroom into the ocean and his bunk beds into a ship.  Naturally you couldn't touch the floor or you'd be overboard and drown.  We did this a lot.  So, seeing how they transform their backyards into cool places just takes me right back to being a kid myself.  Ah, the good ol' days!


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