To Paci...Or Not To Paci

It is no secret to those close to me that I have issues with the paci.  My issue you ask?  I really don't want to ever have to take Reagan's paci away.  As I've mentioned before, I actually remember the trauma of giving mine up - to Santa Claus no less (and I almost opted out of presents that year just so I could keep it!).  I remember arguing with my sister when she took the paci away from my oldest nephew and I stated - no baby should ever have to give up their paci.  I've joked with my friends that Reagan could keep her paci until college if she wanted and part of me actually meant it.

But, her teeth are now showing evidence of being on the paci too long.  I *thought* that it wouldn't become a teeth issue if she only had it at nap and night time.  Apparently I am wrong about that.  So, here I am breaking my own heart over a paci.  LOL  I say my own heart because I am well aware of my issues and fully realize that I am probably more attached to her paci than she is. 

This past Saturday I decided to try to get over it and take the paci away.  The first thing Reagan says when put into her crib is Paci, Paci, Paci.  I handed her a cut nipple paci for naptime.  She put it in her mouth, got a WTF look on her face, took it out and stared at it and then put it back in her mouth.  She settled down to a couple minutes of pitiful crying because her paci was broken but she didn't cry long.  It was AWFUL for me!  That night was a repeat but without the pitiful crying because she discovered that if she put her finger in the paci that it worked (she has the Binky brand so her finger can fit all the way in the nipple from the outside).  On Sunday, I tried again at naptime but she wasn't having it.  She kept climbing out of her crib and banging on the door yelling PACI!  After a few times of this, I gave in, gave her a normal paci and off to sleep she went.  That night, I didn't even try.

Today I bought a crib tent - she won't stay in her crib and I am not comfortable with the thought of her creeping around the house alone at night so instead of doing the toddler bed thing I opted for the tent.  She thinks this tent is very funny so at least that isn't traumatizing to her.  I told myself tonight that I'll let her adjust to the tent before trying the no paci thing again but I see myself making excuses for myself instead of facing the reality that her paci needs to go.

My name is Dawn and I am a Paci-holic.  I need help!  LOL

She is actually laughing in this picture because she was bouncing her head against the tight mesh for it to bounce back.  All I had handy was my cell phone for a picture.


Suzy said…
I wish I could be more help, but my little one (18 months old) is a paci-holic too! Hes fine at daycare without it, but at home he MUST HAVE IT! lol. Good Luck!`
Anonymous said…
I have heard good and bad things about using a paci, I am still undecided on what I should do when the time comes (I'm still pregnant). I hear it reduces the chance of SIDS, but it can cause nipple confusion. And of course, there's taking that paci away at some point! I'm interested to hear how this goes for you and Reagan.
Flucky Mom said…
It's hard taking away something they love so much. Thankfully K let go of the paci on his own at 6 months. I really thought I was going to struggle, but he had no interest in it. I got lucky on that one.

As for the crib tent, if it's to prevent her from coming out of her crib, how about putting her in a sleep sack. Makes it impossible to climb out. There are some nice light weight ones since you're in FL.
April said…
Good luck on the paci problem. I wish I ahd some advice.

Reagan's Mommy said…
Hi Ernie! Go with what feels right - I think the nipple confusion concern is only while getting BF established? Not sure though so check on that. :-)

Hi Flucky Mom - we actually tried the sleep sack first. It worked for one night and then she learned how to shimmy out of it. She's very tall and thin so she slips out easily. That would have been our easy answer. :-)
Her Momma said…
Oh boy. My plan was to not even give my Lovie a paci, but we were begging for one as we were leaving the hospital! Fortunately now at 9 months, she only uses it at nap/bedtime and in the car. I'm not a fan of paci's once kids can talk and walk though. I actually cringe when I see this... but I'm not sure how I'll take it away from Lovie!! I guess I was hoping she'd just give it up but what if she doesn't?? I guess I'll check in here and see how it goes for you guys. GL!!
My little man is 6 months old and I'm always so shocked when I hear about people who are weaning from the pacifier at this age because they're too old. (???) I'm totally find with my son having it, am glad it's able to comfort him and help him sleep, and am not looking forward to the day when we're going to have to find a more teeth friendly acceptable substitute!

I do have to say, your girl is pretty adorable in that crib tent LOL

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