How to Eat Corn

Through your nose apparently.  Yup, corn is meant to be shoved up your nostril and inhaled.  At least that is what Reagan thinks.  And it is just the perfect size and buttered just right to make insertion a breeze.  Ay!  I spent about 30 minutes trying to make sure all the corn was out of her nose.  She was not too pleased with that.  I've mentioned to our family before that I see an ER trip in my future to have something or somethings removed from her nose.  Ever since she realized there were holes there she has been obsessed with shoving things in there for safe keeping.  Thankfully, so far, we've been able to remove her, uh, treasures. 

The good news of today is that she has been fever free for over 24 hours!  Hooray!  That means we don't have to go back to the doctor for a urine sample via catheter.  Of course by the time we got to the doctor yesterday her fever had broken.  She was checked all over and after seeing that her ears were clear, her throat was clear and she had no abdominal tenderness, the NP said it was most likely just a regular virus making its way through her system.  We were told to return today for a urine sample to rule out a UTI if the fever was not gone and I was so happy that she didn't have to go through that.  Those are NOT fun!  I am just so glad that my baby is finally feeling better.


Marthavmuffin said…
Thanks for sharing on my blog. Your little girl is breathtaking! Loved the Disney post, from one florida gal to another! I will have to try Aquatica!

Did you know Busch gardens has a free preschool pass this year for kids under five?
Kristin said…
One of my kiddos did that once upon a time. Luckily I was a paramedic at the time and had a handy pair of hemostats on hand that I was able to remove the offending vegetable with. Good luck.
Pixie said…
Hello from ICLW. This story totally cracks me up! Thanks for sharing and glad that she is feeling better.
Cheese Curds and Kimchi
Beverly said…
My little Emma shoved a ACORN up her nose one day. I couldn't get it out. I went upstairs to get the tweezers... when I got back down she had already SNEEZED it out. Thank goodness. Right. She was 1 1/2 at the time. Silly kids.

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