Help Received! and Sick Baby

Well since yesterday I've done some more tweaking on my blog.  I am now 99% happy with the results.  As I posted in my update yesterday, I found a template that I really like on  She also has some really great Premades that are only $5 and all monies raised from the Premades go towards her adoption.  There is some really beautiful stuff there.  The 1% that I am not happy with on my blog is 1- I can't figure out how (or even if I can) to change the way my Blog Title appears in the heart frame.  I'd love for it to be each word on a new line that is stair-stepped.  Kind of like this:

And 2 - I wish the column widths were adjustable.  I'd like for the column of the posts to be a bit wider.  But really, overall I am very happy with it.

And then, Colleen at Shibley Smiles did this AWESOME button for me. 

I am SO EXCITED about it.  We talked briefly last night about what I wanted and to be honest, I wasn't very good at expressing exactly what I had in mind.  She took the general ideas I had and by today there was this beautiful button!  Thanks so much Colleen!  I love it!

And in other news, Reagan is sick.  When I came home from work on Friday I noticed she was running a fever.  It was 101.6 so I gave her some Tylenol and some juice.  The fever didn't come down until after the second dose of Tylenol and by then I had myself convinced that she had Dengue Fever.  Earlier in the week she came in from playing outside with a ton of mosquito bites and I didn't really worry about them until the fever.  Thankfully she doesn't seem to have any of the other symptoms so it's probably not really Dengue.

On Saturday her fever was up and down throughout the day and had gone up to 102.1 at bedtime.  Last night she woke up crying and feverish so I gave more Tylenol and put her in bed with me.  She woke up whining a couple of times and early this morning she woke up asking for juice.  I put her back in her crib around 7:30 and she slept through until 10:30 when she got up for the day.  At naptime I gave her more Tylenol just in case but she had gone 6 hours since her last dose and was fever free.  I am going to take her to the doctor tomorrow because I am starting to wonder if she might have an ear infection.  She isn't complaining of ear pain but she's acting really clumsy and that just isn't like her.  I hope she gets better soon.   


Hanna said…
Hi there. I'm your newest follower from sunday blog hop!!! Lovely blog. Beautiful little girl. Youc an find me at
Anonymous said…
Hi! I am a new follower from the blog hop.
Living Out Loud

Hope your baby girl is feeling better soon!
LeeAnn said…
I love the button! Colleen did a great job! I'm off to add it to my blog now...
Sally Bacchetta said…
Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. I'm glad you took the time to share your opinion; I learn a lot from people who don't agree with me.

P.S. I hope your daughter feels better soon!
Mama Bear said…
your daughter is precicous, hope she is feeling better!

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