Wordless Wednesday - Back Seat Driver

Reagan playing with Oscar


cute picture...are they both in the car together?
Reagan's Mommy said…
Thanks Liz - she was on her way in and did manage to squeeze in behind him. LOL
it's so funny how they like to be so close together...I'll often find 3 or 4 boys squished together in a chair watching cartoons....we call them our pile of puppy's!
Crossed Fingers said…
Aw what a cute picture!

ICLW #115
LeeAnn said…
Too funny. I can totally see her squeezing her way back there. She needs to come over and race Power Wheels with her buddies!

Thanks for linking up today. :-)
Grace said…
awww, she is beautiful!! i had a student last year named regan (spelled a little differently than your reagan) and i loved her :)thanks for stopping by!
JJ said…
Girls always need to be back seat drivers if we arent IN the drivers seat ;) Adorable picture--and she is a cutie!
Saying HI from ICLW :)
Kristin said…
What an adorable picture.

~ICLW #18

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